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The designs and colours of Gouda pottery are simply stunning as can be seen from these examples here on the right. They are a very small part of our collection.

We live in the County of Yorkshire here in the UK and warmly welcome Gouda collectors from wherever you live in the world.









The reason for this site is to share with you our love of collecting Gouda pottery. It contains a selection from our collection, we believe unique in the United Kingdom, plus pictures, articles and information from collectors around the world. Some may not like the format but we made it to look and feel like a reference book with pages and an index (this page). We neither claim perfection nor a closed mind.

We must mention the ceaseless support of our friends from all over Holland - Joop & Ria Nobel, Barbara & René Walraven, Henk Wolffensperger & José van Bragt, Bert-Jan Baas, Peter & Trudie Bierens, Bert & Joke Holthuysen, Friggo Visser & Johan Karelse.

With very special thanks to Ron Tasman for unflagging continued help and support with many of our questions! Many thanks also to Hotze & Elly Barendse, Patrick van den Berg, Dick & Nel Bode, Rick Erickson, Peter Cameron, Doreen & George Gallimore, Dennis van den Hoek & family, Egbert Hughes, Jan & Riet Peddemors, Phyllis Ritvo, David Tonge, Henk Veentjeer, Arlene & Lee Van de Wetering. Royal Goedewaagen & all the staff. Hans Vogels at Museum Gouda in Gouda & all the staff. The staff at Royal Delft, in particular Jessica Wallien - van Erkel. Saskia van den Berg & staff from the Purmerends Museum. To all other museums in Holland, in the UK and all those people who have wished to remain anonymous - they are from all over the world - a big thank you.

Gouda has global interest. From photographs and questions you send, some magnificent pieces exist all around the world. We receive queries and photographs constantly and through our contacts have made some wonderful friends. Countries, Provinces & States that have contacted us for information, accessed the site or sent pictures, can be found at this link.

Gouda-Design is provided simply for you by two dedicated collectors for the love of collectors. You say keep the site simple, bright, colourful, enjoyable and with lots of pictures - so we do. Enjoy your visit and return soon.

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Our collection began from a small vase inherited from Stuart's mother. It came from a glass and china shop where she worked in the 1920's and 1930's. Imagine the Art Nouveau and Art Deco pottery that must have been on display. If only we could travel back in time!

You know the saying about 'a bull in a china shop'. Well it seems the shop was across the road from an abattoir. One day in 1930 a bull escaped and blundered into the shop doorway causing some panic before being captured. Quite true - we can assure you!

No decor name on the base marks but we know it is 'Linote' - one of the classic PZH designs. Date is 1929. Slight chip on the rim. No idea if the chip was on the vase back in 1930 - perhaps it was the bull! Click image or here for details.

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Some links on our collection pages pictures are not yet active.


Fakes/made to deceive.

Seen on Catawiki.

Authenticated by 'experts'? Don't think so.

Another fake/made to deceive. See Gouda Copies for other examples of these, all with the same or nearly same decor. They have been 'doing the rounds' for many years!






Leen Muller and the Plateelbakkerij Zuid-Holland ~ (1898-1936).


Green vase with salamander ~ 1933.

The exhibition runs from 24 January 2016 until 8 May 2016 in Museum Gouda. More information can be found on the link below.


There will also be a book about Leen Muller to accompany the exhibition. The book is in Dutch but will have an 8 page summary in English. Two of the authors are our dear friends Bert-Jan Baas and Dennis van den Hoek, together with authors Koos van Brakel and Frits Muller who is the grandson of Leen Muller.

It can be obtained from the publishers Primavera (and other good booksellers including online sellers). See the link below.


Some pictures of the exhibition can be seen here.

This exhibition has now ended. The excellent book is available and highly recommended.

Ivora exhibition Museum Gouda.

This exhibition has ended but you can still see the pictures we took by clicking on the link below.

   Our dear friends Barbara & René have an exhibition of Plateelbakkerij Ivora at Museum Gouda from January 18 to May 17, 2015.

See here for a page with more information and pictures of the opening on Saturday 17 January

To compliment the exhibition there will be a double issue of Vormen uit Vuur, one of the leading magazines on ceramics. You can find information here on the Museum Gouda website.


  Plateelbakkerij Zenith


Update April 2021 - We now believe that the publication has been cancelled. Any updates will appear here!

Announcing forthcoming new books on Plateelbakkerij Zenith. The main book (in Dutch) will be released in 2019, no precise date as yet (see new update). As a taster to whet your appetite, two paperbacks will be available, one in Dutch and a version in English. A promotional launch is being planned to be held in Museum Gouda.

The main book of some 400 pages (in Dutch) will cover everything you ever wanted to know about Zenith pipes and plateel. It will include a full colour catalogue of around 200 pages with some 1200 photos. Included (amongst many other items) will be a photo list of plateel decors, Delft Blue patterns, retro designs, household items, a complete list of everyone who ever worked at Zenith along with their occupations, dates of service and a small selection of accompanying personnel photos. A lot of the information in the book has come from collections of catalogues, price lists, advertising and recollections of various staff members. Decorator marks and factory marks will also be included.

Gouda Sculptures Part 2


The new book by Johan Karelse. This is Part 2 of Johan's highly successful first book of Gouda figurines. Available in a very limited number of 200! To see a flyer (in Dutch) and how to order can be downloaded from here.

You will need a PDF reader to download the page. You can contact the publishers and pre-order from them at - http://www.primaverapers.nl. The ISBN number to order is 978-90-5997-253-7. Or simply type in 'Plateel' in the search box.

 'The Gouda Pottery Book' and see 'The Gouda Pottery Book ~ Inside Story'   The Gouda Pottery Book by our friend Ron Tasman.

 'Gouda Sculptures - Plastieken'   Book on Gouda sculptures/figurines by Johan Karelse. Superb book.

 'Matt Plateel Project ~ The matt glazed ware of PZH'

Research project for a forthcoming new book on the matt glazed ware of PZH during the years 1909 to 1923. The book is still to be published and work is continuing so we will all have to be patient!

News and updates.

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Please note - the site does not contain a list of all the decors. Plateelbakkerij Zuid-Holland and other Dutch pottery factories had many hundreds between them, loads of them are still unknown. If your decor is not here, it does not mean it is rare or a fake. We can't show you all of them!


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