Gouda Sculptures (Goudse Plastieken).

A new and unique reference book from Johan Karelse.

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Over 600 sculptures from the Gouda pottery history, brought together in nearly 2000 photos by John Karelse with introduction from Hans Vogels, Curator Museum Gouda.

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April 17 2011 was presentation day of the book in Museum Gouda.

Opening of the exhibition with some 800 Gouda figurines.



Goudse Plastieken shows hundreds of figurines of famous sculptors like Chris van der Hoef, Eta Lempke, John C. Altorf, Jan Schonk, Bernard Richters, Tjipke Visser, Hans Mengelberg and Chris Agterberg. The work of lesser known artists is also included. An impressive book is thus being created, looking back on an important branch (for over half a century) of the Gouda decorative pottery industry.


Deer (Herten)

Chris J. van der Hoef

Plateelbakkerij Zuid-Holland

Circa 1928


Some more information about the sculptures, which were produced from 1900 until the 70's.

Many were initially implemented as white glazed, figurative sculptures, often influenced by the stylized Art Deco. But from the early '30s many Gouda potteries also manufactured the sculptures in other colours and often in different shades. They were also performed in 'Unique métallique.

There have been more than 20 different versions of some sculptures in the course of time. More than 600 sculptures, manufactured in cast white clay, were traced by Johan Karelse by his intensive contacts with collectors, dealers and lovers all around the world via the internet. He succeeded in bringing together over 500 pages with more than 2,000 photo images in this richly illustrated, voluminous and completely full-colour reference book.

The survey is complemented by explanatory information, including many previously unknown facts, dates, references to model numbers and signatures. Authentic stories, told by former employees of the Gouda pottery industry give the book the character of a unique historical document.

The book is classified in themes ( animals, religion, female figures etc.) but also refers to the potteries, which were in Gouda, Zuid-Holland. Such as Flora, Ivora, Goedewaagen, Regina, Zenith, Ed. Antheunis and Schoonhoven. In addition, the production of small art potteries addressed as Bonaparte, de Drietand, De Vries, J. Nuvelstein, De Jong, St. Lucas, Tiko and Boonekamp.

The richly illustrated reference book GOUDSE SCULPTURES will include about 500 pages with more than 2000 full colour illustrations and is composed by collector Johan Karelse.

Museum Gouda organized an eponymous exhibition in the Spring of 2011 and the book was published in connection with this exposition.

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