Collectors Gallery 18 - Pictures 81

Some of Richard's PZH Jan Schonk collection


Johannes Theodorus (Jan) Schonk. Born Schiedam 1889 and died in Soest 1976.

These are just a few of the many pieces I have of Jan Schonk.






Two items of a kingfisher bird produced by Plateelfabriek Zuid Holland.

On the left (above) a kingfisher bird or ice-bird (ijsvogel) from the 1930' with original retailers sticker. It is a very popular plastique found in various colours of glaze.

This off-white or cream one is 13.0cm high and 9.0cm wide.

The purple/blue lidded pot (above right) is delightful with the bird mounted on the lid. No base marks on this one. It stands some 24.0cm high and 16.0cm wide.


A marbled effect here from PZH. These plastique pots from Schonk, with the bird as the lid handle, were also done by Hildo Kropp and Lee J. Muller. This could be a kingfisher or a stork (maraboe). This one is 19.0cm high and 13.0cm wide. Impressed marks for PZH together with the word "Jan Schonk".






A really beautiful and stylish plastique cockatoo or parrot (papegaai) from PZH which was designed by Leen J. Muller. It has a very fine crackled glaze. The PZH stamp can be seen and in relief the word HOLLAND

Height is 24.0cm and width 14.0cm.


Below a candlestick dating from 1928 - 1930. You can see the mark around the base. It says - Jan Schonk - Plateelbakkerij Zuid Holland. Stands 21.0cm high and 13.0cm at the widest point.

Then a beautiful clock (not working but who cares!) decorated with what could be salamanders. Dates around 1930 and marked - Unica Jan Schonk. A good size measuring some 23.0cm high and 21.0cm wide.



Thank you Richard and to Friggo Visser for help in identification.