Here is an extract from mail sent to us by Phyllis Ritvo.

"Hi all. Going from one piece of Gouda to over 350 was a monumental journey, but one full of fun and learning. Although writing "The World of Gouda Pottery" was a complicated 10-year project, it was extremely satisfying - from the original crazy idea, to the sending of the book to collectors around the world.

I am still learning (mainly from eBay and web sites such as this one), which is one reason I like Gouda so much. There are always new patterns and forms to surprise me. If I have helped others to appreciate this marvellous pottery, I have done my job.

Thanks to the people at Gouda-Design for developing this site, for no other reason than to educate others and provide pleasure to many. Bringing together a group of like-minded souls is bound to be a productive enterprise. Many thanks to them."

Best wishes, Phyllis T. Ritvo

Phyllis, with the help of her husband Gene, took 10 years to compile this book.

Please note - this book sold out many years ago! However, copies can often be found on well known auction sites and secondhand bookseller sites.