Tim & Linda from Manchester, England present Part 1 of their Gouda collection.

Tim & Linda tell us how their collection began - "We have been 'consciously' collecting Gouda on a fairly small scale for around 12 years, though our first acquisition goes back a lot further. I (Tim) inherited a table lamp from my mother that I remember being in the house as a child. I always liked it though I was never quite sure why and certainly knew nothing of Gouda or ceramics. I think it came to my mother as a gift from a slightly eccentric elderly neighbour. I believe this lady had worked as a buyer for a large store, possibly Kendal Milne's in Manchester. She also travelled quite a lot - a successful career and solo travelling was still fairly unusual for a single lady back in the 1950's and 60's! The lamp of course was from PZH in decor 'Corona' - still my favourite. I did not learn this until I was introduced to ceramics when I met Linda. She persuaded me to unearth the bits and pieces inherited from my mother and introduced me to the strange and dangerous land of antique fairs. That was that as they say - I was hooked."




Liquor jug (stopper missing) made by PZH for Liberty & Co. of London.

Decor 'Matapan'.

The use of the wording 'Liberty & Co. II', date this piece to circa 1922.

The painter is unknown.

Model 592/2.


'Daisy' is the decor on this PZH liquor jug which was painted by Petrus Wilhelmus Johannes van Werkhoven.

Date 1924.

Model 592/3 is some 26.0cm tall.




Decor 'Nova' from PZH.

Probably decorated by Geertruida Verburg.

Date 1925 on model 1574.

Height is 17.0cm. 


This vase by PZH has a decor name which is the number '616'.

The model number is the 651 which you can see inscribed into the base lower right.

Date circa 1915.

Painter is probably Gerarda Johanna Lugthart.

Height is approx 17.0cm.






Small sparrow beak jug in a typical PZH decor. The name of which looks like 'Viokaan'.

Dated 1930 it is possibly (but not certain) painted by Johanna Nicolina Lammers.

Height is 9.0cm.


An nice matte glaze piece from PZH dating to October 1920.

Decor is 'Marga' on model number 1870.

The painter is Johannes Geradus van Vliet. He is believed to have used three different marks - 'JvV', 'Vv' and 'V.V'.

Diameter is 13.0cm.




This postcard shows an etching of the Lazarus Gate - the symbol of Plateelbakkerij Zuid-Holland.

From our collection.



Barbara & René IvoraTim & Linda 'Corona'