Research project.

Forthcoming book on the matte glazed ware of Plateelbakkerij Zuid-Holland.


Collectors of Gouda Pottery will know of the famous matt glazed ware invented by Plateelbakkerij Zuid-Holland (PZH).

Many fine examples are shown here in Stuart & Kim's Gouda-Design website as part of collections from all over the globe.

The proposed new book will concentrate on the development of matt glazed ware from the years 1909 to 1923.

An article about the book and matt glazed ware was published in the September issue of the Dutch collectors' magazine Collect.

The link to an English version (in pdf format) can be found on Page 3. 


The heyday of matt glazed ware was in the 1920’s so most of what is known and described in books today is related to those products from the 1920’s. Little is known, however, about the early years of development from 1909. So it’s time for a change!

We know that the first Damascus and Rhodian patterns were developed around 1910 and others soon followed. Many of the finest pieces were exported and sold outside Holland. The best known example being the retailer Liberty & Co. in the UK. There must be many intriguing items – perhaps even key pieces – of early matt glaze to be found in collections outside Holland.

A small group of three Dutch collectors (Barbara Walraven, Henk Wolffensperger and Bert-Jan Baas) joined forces in the summer of 2008 to dig deep into the archives and libraries of Holland to try and find new information about PZH matt glazed ware of the 1909-1923 period. They have unearthed much new information about the first matt glazed products made by PZH. It turns out that considerable information published in the past about the subject is, to a large extent, incomplete. The plan is to publish all new findings in a richly illustrated book. The book will appear not only in Dutch but English as well. Thus the international community of Gouda Pottery collectors will have access to all the new findings!


The article below and on the next page, shows a number of items as examples of matt glaze patterns that are very representative of the early wares.

Barbara, Henk and Bert-Jan would like to ask collectors who own similar pieces to contact the study group and to send them pictures of items in your collection that you think might be an addition to the ongoing research project.

Maybe your collectors item will provide valuable information and with your approval, a picture of the piece may even appear in the new book.

Please note that by contacting us and sending pictures we cannot provide information on values, where or how to sell the item, etc.

We can only look at items that are dated from the 1909-1923 period.

To contact the study group, please send an email to Bert-Jan: bertjanbaas@live.nl.


Hand thrown jug.

Decor 'Damascus'.

Date 1910-1915.

Model 0126.

Height 24 cm.

Collection Bert-Jan Baas.





Hand thrown lantern.

Decor 'Damascus'.

Date 1910-1915.

Painted by Gerardus Visser.

Model 04.

Height 22.5 cm.

Collection Henk Wolffensperger.


Hand thrown pitcher.

Turkish/Iznik inspired'Rhodian'decor.

Date 1910-1915.

Model 061.

Height 18 cm.

Collection Henk Wolffensperger.







Marks show the characteristic handwriting of Cornelis Abraham Prins.

Hand thrown jug.

Decor 'Matapan'.

Date 1910-1914.

Painted by C.A. Prins.

Model 075.

Height 23 cm.

Collection Bert-Jan Baas.



Decor 'Matapan'.

Made for Liberty & Co.

Date circa 1915.

Model 013.

Height 21 cm.

Collection Bert-Jan Baas.






Small vase.

'Damascus' like decor.

Made for Liberty & Co.

Date circa 1912.

Model 11.

Height 6.5 cm.

Collection Henk Wolffensperger.


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