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Here, presented by our friend Cees M. H. Tapke Lokenberg, are some fairly modern items from Zenith. Cees was a former employee of Zenith so has first hand experience.

Zenith, Plateelbakkerij en Pijpenfabriek. Fa. P.J. van der Want Az. 1915 - 1984.

"The Plateelbakkerij Zenith company went bankrupt in 1984. It was one of the top five Gouda plateel manufacturers and certainly it had the highest quality standards of them all. Specifically their white-Delft, which is very collectable for the future and relatively cheap at present!"

Here below, this container for cigarettes, was produced from about 1972 to 1980.
Model number 1798 is 11.5cm high with lid.



Below - two Delft white candlestick holders. The model number of both is 1392, however, there is a slight difference in height. The left one is 8.5cm and the right one is 7.8cm. This particular candlestick on the right was specially made for Ericsson. You can see their name on the backstamp.




This printed pattern tobacco jar, below right, is sadly without the brass lid. It was not in regular sale.
Model number is 2154 and stands 16.0cm high.



The other item, ''Jonge Jenever", also a printed pattern, was specially made for VERO in Roosendaal (Holland) manufacturers of brushes, etc.
The year of production is unknown. I asked the former CEO of VERO but he could not remember when they ordered this item.
Model number 2120 and is 16.0cm high.




Below a hand-painted delft-blue herring dish. In decor L, number 1379. I bought it as a present for my late mother for her 60th birthday in 1971, when I was employee at Zenith. It is still in mint condition.

Zenith made 5 different delft-blue decorations. L (herring dish as below), LO (simple flowers), LI (also flowers), LII (extensively painted flower), LIII (birds) and LA (landscapes).

Size is 24.0cm by 13.0cm.





Above a polychrome hand-painted plate from 1982 reproducing an early Delft pattern. In Chinese mythology, the lightnings (the blue zig-zags) stand for a "fleeing hare". Retail price in 1982 was 495,00 Dutch guilders. It is one of a pair, this is the left one. In mint condition and is 27.0cm in diameter.

Pictures 71

Thanks to Cees for showing some of his collection. There will be more here soon.