Small vase - Quo Vadis - circa 1950's


9.5cm H x 7.5cm W

From the small Gouda factory of Quo Vadis, is this green and yellow vase with delicate floral decor, mottled background and gold highlights. Quo Vadis was formed in 1947 until 1969 when it was taken over by Royal Goedewaagen. This mark is a stamped crown with the letters Q and V inset at the top - not easy to see! There was also a handpainted backstamp mark without the crown which had the factory name of Quo Vadis and Gouda, Holland. Usually the mark had the decor name, model number and painters mark. Decor here is 'Aurora' on model number 29. The painter (RN or RM) is unknown. With thanks to 'The Gouda Pottery Book' for the information.



Above - sent in by a Gouda collector who wishes to remain anonymous. A very simple floral decor vase in model 121. Circa 1950's.