Henk & José Gouda Collection - Part 1

Henk & José present some favourite pieces from their collection.

Henk & José from near Amsterdam tell us - "The collection began about ten years ago after rebuilding the livingroom and wanting something colourful on the mantelpiece. The first pieces were two identical 'Corona' vases from April 1920. They were bought at an auction. We currently have about ninety pieces and only collect the matte green of Plateelbakkerij Zuid-Holland. They were all made in the period from 1910 to 1923."


The first 'Corona' pieces that started our collection. W. P. Hartgring design, probably decorated by Barend A. Bakker.

From April 1920.

Height is 30.5cm.

  The two 'Corona' vases seen proudly displayed our mantelpiece.







Two mirror image 'Ete' vases, painted pedantic, about 1915/1917.

Designer was W. P. Hartgring. Painter not certain, possibly a mark of Anthonie (Toon) Thesingh, the joined 'TT'.

We didn't buy the vases as a set. The left vase we bought a few years ago then two month ago we came across the right one!

Height is 27.2cm.




Jardiniere complete with liner in decor 'Isa'. Date is 1922 and painted by Karel van de Heuvel.

Height 6.0cm by 18.0cm long.








Tall vase in Decor 'Bejo' from February 1920. Decor again designed by W. P Hartgring.

Model number 294. Decorator unknown.

This is Henk's favourite as he particularly likes the bright colours and the decoration.

Height some 42.5cm.





Two tall vases (27.0cm high) in decor 'Kelat'. Date around 1915, probably painted by Johanna Maria Thoen. It is amazing that they are in mint condition - such tall and slim models!






Our thanks to Henk & José for showing us some of their great collection. Their photographs are superb.


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