We have only a memory, dear Barbara
We cherish our whole life through
But the sweetness will live forever
As we treasure the memory of you

Barbara Alida Walraven - de Wit

10 August 1959 - 24 February 2018

We are deeply saddened by the passing of a very dear friend from the Netherlands, Barbara Walraven.
Barbara was always loving and kind to us on our many visits to see her and husband René. Sharing together our passion of Dutch pottery and her vast knowledge and expertise of Ivora, which culminated in the
Ivora exhibition at Museum Gouda in 2015. Maybe another of the reasons we saw her so much was for the wonderful dinners she always cooked! We will never forget her generosity and hospitality.

We extend our deepest sympathy to our dear friend her husband René, the boys Pieter & Léon and the entire family.

Our pain is shared with them at this sad time.


Plateelbakkerij Ivora Wallplates - Part 1

Our dear friends Barbara & René, who are leading experts on Plateelbakkerij Ivora (Plateelbakkerij P. van der Want Gzn.) here present a variety of decors from their superb collection of commemorative wallplates.



This was my very first plate. It shows that the Netherlands was a neutral country in the 1914-18 war.

The three vertical lines are probably for the painter who is unknown.

Model number 134.

Diameter 23.5cm.



In 1918 the standard of living decreased and there were hunger riots. There was smuggling, robberies and counterfeiting. The troops were mobilized to try and stop this. This plate was made for a company 'FWAS'. Who this company was is not known.

Model number 134 with an edition number of 253. The total made is unknown.

Diameter 23.5cm.




Ivora made many wallplates related to WW1. This one is about the Dutch Royal family, the House of Orange.

During this period Ivora was called P. van der Want. Gz.

Model number is 134.

Diameter 23.5cm.


During WW1 many products could no longer reach the Netherlands as sea and land journeys were too dangerous. Some items such as potatoes, meat, butter, bread, soap, coal and petrol became scarce. To protect the people from this shortage and to conserve stocks, the government introduced a 'distribution order'. This was basically a ticket you had to apply for and produce before you paid for goods. The idea being that all the people, rich or poor, had a chance of buying essential products. See also next plate below.

This plate was made by Ivora for BACA - Van Baaren and Campagne who were partners and shop owners.

Model number 134. The number 166 is an edition number.

Diameter 23.5cm.






Due to the shortage of meat as mentioned in the text above, the government made a law which made it obligatory to convert grazing land into agriculture land.

The text reads - 'Long live the government which prohibited slaughtering. Hurrah for the butchers, we are not dead yet'.

Model number 134.

Diameter 23.5cm.

Number 202.


After WW1, Belgium was wanting to annex some areas of Holland and Luxembourg. Zeeuws-Vlaanderen was considered a forgotten area and ripe for Belgium annexation. Queen Wilhelmina fought to preserve this area for the Netherlands.

Made by Ivora for the retailers C. Fortmann in Den Haag (The Hague).

Model number 225. Number 848 in an unknown total.

Diameter 27.5cm.



Our grateful thanks to Barbara & René for showing us just a small part of their wonderful collection of Ivora.


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