Koninklijke Goedewaagen ~ Royal Goedewaagen

Keramisch Museum Goedewaagen ~ Ceramic Museum Goedewaagen


'Een schatkamer in Nieuw-Buinen'

'A treasure house in Nieuw-Buinen'


Logo reproduced with kind permission of Keramisch Museum Goedewaagen


Pictures from the factory in Nieuw-Buinen.


These pictures were taken while the factory was closed for the annual summer holiday.

We are extremely grateful to Royal Goedewaagen.

In particular to our friend Friggo Visser (Conservator of the Goedewaagen Ceramics Museum) for opening up the factory especially for us and our friends Joop & Ria Nobel.

You can go to Royal Goedewaagen if you are visiting Holland - well worth a visit!

See their websites here and here.

Glaslaan 29 9521 GG


The Netherlands



Main entrance to the shop and museum.





Above you can see one of the paint and transfer print rooms for the Amata, Fiori, Iris and Laila and other ranges. To the far right some moulds.




Above- the factory floor with kilns. To the right an area where the moulds are filled.



Left - waiting to be painted and glazed.


Right- clay pipes stored in some of the very old original wooden boxes.


All pictures by Kim Lindley.


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