Kevin's Decor Breetvelt.

Kevin from Ontario, Canada sends pictures of his Decor Breetvelt collection.

He tells us - "I've been collecting Gouda pottery for a long time and have over 50 pieces. These shown here are from my Decor Breetvelt collection. As most Breetvelt admirers will agree, I love the free form designs and use of multi colours."


This is the first Decor Breetvelt I puchased.

It was at a little antique store in the middle of rural Ontario - very unexpected!

I think the form is classic and the pointed arched handles are a nice touch.

It has some very familiar elements of Breetvelt artwork.

Date 1924.

30.5 cm tall by 15.0cm wide.

Model number 459.

Painted by Gerrit Pieter van den Akker.





This is my favourite piece.

It is only for display now but I like to think it was once used for juice or water - maybe even wine!

The colours are nice and the free form design never ages.

Date 1924.

20.0 cm high by 12.5 cm wide.

Model number 1722.

Painted by Cornelis Abraham Prins.


This example has little free form design. It's more of a depiction of flowers and leaves.

The shape of the vase is oddly pleasing.

Date 1925.

14.5 cm high by 14.0cm wide.

By Gerrit Pieter van den Akker.

The 'B1' means the decor was from a Breetvelt design.






This vase may have been used as a lamp as there is a professionally drilled hole in the side with a plastic ring.

Some added interest is on the neck with two upraised rings.

More free form design which all Breetvelt admirers love.

Date 1924.

20.5 cm high by 9.0 cm wide.

Model number 171.

Painter is unknown.

See Collectors Gallery 12 Picture 58. A plate in Decor Breetvelt by the same painter.

The 'B66' means the decor was from Breetvelt design.


This has all the elements you want in a Decor Breetvelt.

Free form art as well as impressions of flower blooms.

The rim and base both in black frame the piece itself. Stunning.

Date 1929.

33.0 cm high by 25.5 cm wide.

Model 2180.

The painter (letter 'S' below Holland) may well be a mark of Dirk van der Starre. He was a known painter of Decor Breetvelt work.





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