Joe's Regina Collection

Joe, from Florida in the USA, is a collector of Regina.These are some pictures and descriptions of his current favourites.

This is the first Regina item that I acquired and is responsible for my love of Gouda pottery. Even though it has food staining in the center, it is visually stunning in person. It inspired me to not only collect items from the Regina factory but to attempt to find out as much as I could about it's makers.

Fruit bowl - "Imanta" - c.1925


Another early acquisition. The design is a good marriage between Nouveau and Deco and probably dates from the period of transition between the two. I have never seen another item with this pattern.

Candy dish - "Stella" - c.1925


A commemorative charger made for Ryrie Birks Ltd.; a Canadian retailer. I find commemoratives to be a wonderful resource for dating the various marks that Regina used as there is little literature available on the Regina factory.

Commemorative charger - 1934


 Trumpet vase - "Argos" - c.1925

One of my favorite molds. About 31.0cm tall and is extremely heavy.

Vase in the "Kasta" pattern - c.1920

The pattern of this glossy vase is "Kasta" which in English is "Chestnut". In the United States Chestnuts are a symbol of the Christmas season so I always think of Christmas when I look at this vase.
Early Regina items were sometimes made with molds that were purchased from the defunct Rozenburg factory. I believe this is an example, based on the square base, of a Rozenburg mold.



 Small Amphora Vase in the "Flambe" pattern - c.1928

A small example of Regina 'sang de boeuf'. I have seen several examples all of which have fetched a fairly high price.

Vase in the "Uni" pattern - c.1920

A frequently seen glossy pattern; "Uni". There are similar patterns such as "Uni2" and "Uni3". Based on the frequency of which the Uni pattern is seen and the fact that several similar patterns were made by Regina, we can assume that it was a very popular design.


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