Ellen's Gouda Collection - Part 1.

Ellen has been corresponding with us for many years and now she presents some of her diverse Gouda collection.

"I lived in the Netherlands for twelve years from 1973 to 1975 and then again from 2000 to 2010. I knew absolutely nothing of Dutch pottery except what Delft was when I'd seen it in America over the years. In 2007, my Dutch husband passed away and in 2008 I discovered this amazing pottery.

During walks on the outskirts of our little town of Gorinchem, I kept going by this small shop that you could not see into except for a front window display. The place was never open on my watch. In the window, I noticed a very colourful bowl. It was not anything that I would normally like or buy but I was very strangely attracted to it. At the end of a few months of walk bys, it was still there and growing on me like moss to an oak. I said to myself, "if that shop is ever open, maybe I'm going to buy that thing... I bet it's expensive, like 65 euros or something."

Finally! One afternoon I saw there was a man inside so I went in to inquire about the colourful bowl. The proprietor told me I had good taste to notice it and he gave me a history lesson, followed by a price tag. I almost passed out when he told me the price of the bowl was 275 Euros. At that point, it did not matter. Plain and simply, the piece had cast a spell on me and I took it home.

There began the obsession that will probably continue to my dyin' day!"


Large bowl made by PZH for the Ivora factory.

In late 1926, due to huge demand, Ivora contracted out work to PZH. All these items were called 'Princess' followed by a number. This number represented the decor.

Decor 'Princess 2007'.

Date circa 1926/28.

Model number 359 written and clearly impressed.

25.4 cm wide by 6.5 cm high.

Unknown painter.

 Ellen's very first piece of Gouda bought in 2008.




Oval plate made by PZH for Ivora.

Decor 'Princess 2010'.

Circa 1926/28.

Model number 260.

38.0 cm long by 28.0 cm wide.

Possibly painted by Aloisius Kuster.



Decor 'Lydia'.

Circa 1930's/1940's.

Model number 1181.

Stands some 35.5 cm tall. 

Unknown painter.






Decor 'Darla'.

Mid 1920's.

Model 431. The largest model clog (klomp) that Regina made. They had four in all. Starting with the smallest model 01 then 1, 432 and 431.

Has a moulding on the base for wall hanging.

Length 25.0 cm.

Unknown painter.



Decor 'Purdah'.

Classic Iznik inspired PZH decor with stunning blue colour.

Date 1927.

Model 1821.

Height 21.5 cm.

Painted by Cor Wezenburg.



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