Egg painting of plateel decors by our dear friend Ria Nobel

Ria, who was born in Gouda, became a plateelschilderess with Regina at the age of 16. Here she painted the well known 'Rosario', 'Uni', 'Delfts-Blauw' (see an example of her work from our collection here) and other decors on plates, vases and many other objects. When Regina closed in 1979, she moved to the Delftsche Huys in Waddinxveen until they too closed their doors. Ria's love for the profession and the form of the egg, led her to use her skill to revive the old decors again - this time in her egg-painting. You can see more information about Ria's egg-painting here. In October 2000 Ria cooperated in a documentary concerning the history of Gouda plateel. This video, "Gouds Plateel", is shown in several museums around the Netherlands. As a new challenge, she now paints the original decors from all the factories on lamps and vases. We are all grateful to Ria and her former colleagues, from all the plateel factories, for the stunning artistry they did - the results of which we so love and admire today.


 Ria busy preparing an egg for painting in a Gouda plateel decor.


Ria is painting a decor onto the blank model of an amphora.

Below some stunning artistry on eggs.

© Pictures by Joop Nobel.





On the right a Regina 'Chryso' decor, beautifully decorated by Ria. The egg is from our collection. It is 8.0 cm long.

On the left, you can see Ria painting a 'Chryso' decor.

© Ria pictures taken by Kim.






Decor 'Rosario' painted by Ria.

Circa 1970's.




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