Collection of Gert-Jan.

Henri Leonardus August Breetvelt.


Henri Leonardus August Breetvelt (1864-1923).

Self portrait - circa 1910/1915.

Picture courtesy of 'Henri Breetvelt - Koning der Plateelschilders' MuseumgoudA, Gouda.

Some of the Breetvelt collection of Gert-Jan from Piershil, Holland who says:-

"I started collecting in honour of my dad. Gouda pottery was his passion but sadly he died when he was just 46 years old. During his lifetime I often joined him visiting antique fairs and auctions. It was then I became more attracted to Gouda pottery. Two years ago, my mother also died and this is when I started my own collection.
My parents collection has now become myself and my brothers with our aim to create a very special collection in memory of our parents.
I really love Gouda pottery and as I am only 39 years old, which is still very young, a large collection is very possible!

Not only do I collect Breetvelt but my wife really loves the famous 'kantjes' decor - also my fathers favourite. Breetvelt is my favourite designer and I also like the 'Decor Breetvelt', his decors which continued to be painted after his death in 1923. His items are all unique - you can see that in his painting style - clearly loosely painted with passion. This is why I like them. Please find here some of my most favourite Breetvelt items. I hope you will enjoy looking at them!"


A very special vase as it was my first real Breetvelt piece. By 'real' I mean as opposed to my 'Decor Breetvelt' ones. The colours are beautiful.

Date: 1920 period.

Height: 58cm.

Diameter: 25cm.







In the beginning of his second period (1916-1923) with Zuid-Holland' Breetvelt made high glaze vases and plates.

Date: 1917/1918.

Height: 65cm.

Diameter: 30cm.


One of the most famous of Breetvelt's decors.

Date: 1920 period.

Height: 38cm.





A vase with a butterfly decor.
As far as I am aware, there are only two known pieces. This was made in his second workperiod (1916-1923) with Zuid-Holland. A very special item indeed!!

Date: 1920 period.

Height: 30cm.

Diameter: 20cm.


Delicate white flowers on this high glaze plate.

Date: 1917/1918.

Diameter: 38cm. 



Here below two interesting plates by Breetvelt from original paintings by Rembrandt (naar Rembrandt). On the left probably of Rembrandt's mother. On the enlargement you can see the detail of Breetvelt's marks.

On the right Breetvelt's wonderful copy of the self portrait of a laughing Rembrandt. An experiment by Rembrandt as it seems he could not really paint a laughing face!




Detail of marking from the plate of the woman above left.

'HB' for Henri Breetvelt.

Delftsch (Delft).

'naar Rembrandt' which means 'after Rembrandt'.


Below are pieces which really belong in MuseumgoudA, Gouda. Curator Hans Vogels did not know Breetvelt had made the two plates of the man and young woman. The originals were by Rubens. I really don't like them - not my taste! However, I understand they are very, very special. At the time I didn't know the meaning of them. They were purchased from a elderly lady in England. I think her family bought them in London sometime around 1900.




Below - pair of ewers model 331/243




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