Collection of Peter & Trudie.

Kunstaardewerkfabriek Ed. Antheunis.

Part 1.

Here in this series, we present just a small part of the magnificent Ed. Antheunis collection of our dear friends Peter & Trudie. Peter Bierens is probably the worlds greatest expert of Ed. Antheunis. Peter has written and contributed to many journals and publications on the subject including The Gouda Pottery Book.


Peter tells us - Cornelis Eduard Antheunis was born on 30 March 1876 in Bergen op Zoom and died on 3 February 1943 in Gouda. His earthenware factory was founded in Gouda in 1910 and closed in 1933. From 1910 until 1917 the factory was on Prins Hendrikstraat in Gouda, relocating to Kuiperstraat until 1920 and eventually ending on the Raam until closure in 1933. Eduard's father was the famous sculptor, Henricus Franciscus Antheunis. Antheunis Snr. had a factory in The Hague which started in 1902 but was taken over by Wed. N.S.A. Brantjes of Purmerend in 1917.

The mark of Ed. Antheunis is usually 'E.A Gouda in Holland' or 'E.A Gouda in Zuid-Holland'. The decor name, model number and decorators mark is also seen. As with most factories there are some exceptions. The names of the decorators relating to their marks are not known.




Vase decor: 'Rolf. 101'.

Date: 1910 - 1917.

Model number: 155.

Decorator signature: 'AV' - unknown.

Height: 33.0 cm.



Vase decor: 'Viool'.

Date: 1917 - 1930.

Model number: 103.

Decorator signature: 'O' ? - unknown.

Height: 11.0 cm.







Vase with ears decor: 'Flora'.

Date: 1917 - 1930.

Model number: 148.

Decorator signature: 'K' - unknown.

Height: 19.7 cm.


Vase decor: 'Rosa'. This decor is a 'look-alike' of Regina 'Uni'. See here.

Date: 1917 - 1930.

Model number: 108.

Decorator signature: 'PB' - unknown.

Height: 24.3 cm.







 A wonderful collection of bibelotjes (miniatures) in various decors. Size ranges from 6.4 cm to 6.7 cm high.



These vases are all in the white decor 'DEC A'. 'DEC A' can also be seen in a coloured version.


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