Contacting us.

Please read below before you email us!

We won't answer your mail if these are not met.

We try to identify Gouda pottery marks as best we can but see here and here before contacting us.

We do not :-

- give information on items for sale on eBay, about to be put on eBay, Marktplaats or similar auction sites.

- give information on items for sale or about to be put on sale in antique shops, antique centres, auction houses, etc.

- comment or give 'pre-purchase' or 'post-purchase' advice on items you are about to or have purchased from such sites.

- comment on what other 'Gouda Pottery' websites contain and ours does not. We do get some 'snide' remarks!

- give valuations, 'any idea of value', estimates, insurance values or information on web sites that 'purport' to give valuations.

- give 'is it worth restoring', 'can you recommend a restorer' or recommend on where or how to sell Gouda, location of antiques shops, etc.

Please remember we are not a public service!

Contact us on our email address below. You must include 'Gouda' in the subject line. If not the email will be automatically deleted by spam software.

Send pictures and base marks in clear, high quality JPG. If they are small, blurred or unclear we will not identify them.

Please attach pictures to emails - base marks must be included. Sorry we won't click on links to picture hosting sites.

We would appreciate a first name to reply to.


Due to many commitments we are often away for long periods in other countries.

Therefore, we are unable to answer any questions for the foreseeable future.

Please note - questions sent to us will NOT be answered.