Michael's Gouda Collection - Part 1

Michael, from Virginia in the USA, has a large collection of Gouda. Here he kindly presents beautiful quality pictures and descriptions of his current favourites from PZH and Ivora.

The solid round shape and the organic intricately painted design combined with the green and gold colors make this one of my favorite patterns. A photo in the Ritvo book (p. 85) depicts a bowl with the same pattern made for Liberty of London. This piece was made in 1921 so it predates the first PZH contract with Liberty.

Bulbous shape jug - "Laurier" - PZH - January or April (not clear) 1921 - 23.0cm H

Decorator - possibly Adriana Margaretha Lugthart


This early "Rhodian" vase was found by searching through Internet sites. It is in perfect condition and has a bold abstract design that is complicated. I also like the elegant shape. Purchased from a dealer in Holland.

Decorator - Johan Anthonius Hubertus Florack.

Date 1914/1917.

32.0cm H





When I found these two early examples of semimatte glaze, I felt I had become a serious collector because I was willing to make the financial commitment to obtain them as a pair. The monumental solidity of these matching vases works well with the complex abstract design. I purchased these from a dealer in Holland.



Two matching vases - "Suled" - PZH - 1910/1915 - 35.0cm H

Decorator - Andreas Marinus Rijp



Image showing impressed mould number of 0210



The tall candlestick has a complicated shape and matches the "Suled" vases. The semi matte glaze and the colors are bold and arresting. I don't often find the "Suled" pattern available and was happy to see this for sale.

Decorator unknown.

39.5cm H



This early piece depicts the "Agra" pattern, an all time favorite of mine because of the serene simplicity and classic Persian design. The stylized flower that dominates the center of it looks like it bloomed in moonlight. I purchased it from a dealer in Holland found by crawling through the internet.

Decorator - possibly Johannes Geradus van Vliet


30.5cm H

This jug is now in the collection of Jehoshua. 



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