Rob's Gouda Collection - first part

Rob, who lives in the Netherlands, has a superb collection of Gouda. We are grateful to him and his family for telling us the very private and emotional reason for starting the collection. We are proud to be able to show you some spectacular images.

"Some years ago my twin sister was very ill. The first jug we purchased was, therefore, emotionally connected with my sister. Without my sister's illness, my wife and I think that we may never have started collecting Gouda."

"In a shop in Utrecht, Holland, we were touched by the beauty of a jug. We didn't know anything about Gouda plateel but we decided to buy it. Very soon we bought a second piece and before we knew it we had a collection. Searching and collecting Gouda gives us a great pleasure."


This is our first piece, the one we bought in Utrecht. It is an Unique Metalique jug made in 1950. It is 32.0cm high.


This is also an Unique Metalique vase painted by Jan van Schaick - (JvS). A stunning dragon decoration. It belonged to friends of ours who were going to sell it at a flea-market for 6 pound's! It was made between 1945 and 1951, the period when the Unique Metalique decors were produced.
Same height as the jug above - 32.0cm.




Another fine JvS vase with more fierce dragons. It has very bright colours and we think it is a real beauty. Jan van Schaick is one of our favourite designers and painters.
It is 33.0cm high.


This is my wife's favourite. It is a small piece (9.0cm) and it was painted in January or February 1903 by Dirk Raap. On 23 February 1903, he started to work in Amsterdam. You can see the double 'E' for (Egbert Estié) on the gate of lazarus.


More pictures to come soon

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