David's PZH Gouda Collection - Part 1

David from Cheshire in the UK, presents a glimpse of his ever growing collection of Zuid-Holland

A patterned fruit bowl with blue flower, which belonged to my Grandma, was bequeathed to me over 20 years ago. I did not know anything about the bowl until I contacted Gouda-Design who gave me the information. This turned out to be a PZH "Riohw" bowl and became my first Gouda piece. I was then addicted to Gouda and have added many pieces to my ever growing collection. Here are just some of them.




This is the first in the collection. Dates at 1925 and is 30.5cm diameter by 9cm deep. This pattern can be seen as "Riouw" and "Riohw". Two more are also shown. One a chamber stick (below right) from 1929, is almost 12.0cm across the base and 6.5cm to top of handle and is in lovely condition with bright colours. The beautiful vase (below left), from 1923, is almost 22.0cm tall and 14.0cm around its widest point. In perfect condition with bright colours and lovely finish.





A marvellous "Corona" decanter set from 1928. The two decanters were painted by Johanna Cornellia van Leeuwen. Large one is 28.0cm high and small one 20.5cm.

Both complete with corked tops.

Beautiful colours and great style.


A lovely "Gold Ete" vase dated 1925. Almost 15.0cm high with bright colours and a great picture of a bird. Painters mark is not clear.


Below left - a lovely 10cm tall "Hester" ewer dated from 1923. I love the design and the finish which has good bright colours. The painter was Johan van Kersbergen who worked for PZH from 1921 to 1953 and 1958 to 1964, the end of PZH! To the right - with a pattern of a single letter "G" is one of my my favourites. Just over 15.0cm high with the date mark for 1929. Good bright colours in an interesting design. As with the "Riohw" and "Zomer" chamber sticks, this also has the "O" signifying "overbakken" or "overbaked" meaning a flaw was corrected and the piece was re-fired.





A bright 15.0cm high vase in "Golota" design.
From 1931 with very bright colours and an eye catching design. Decorated by Johanna Kelder who worked for PZH from 1925 to 1932.





Top left - chamber stick in the popular "Zomer" pattern, dating from 1931 and painted by Maria Johanna Kelder who painted from 1927 to 1933. Very bright colours and a high quality finish in a lovely design. Again the "overbakken". Almost 12.5cm across and 7.5cm high. Right - a fine "Nadro" vase from 1927 painted by Martinus Vuijk. Almost 35.5cm high with a wonderful shape and design coupled with good bright colours.



Left - at 20.0cm this "Madeleine" vase is a great example of Gouda. The pattern was produced for many years even into the 1950's. A very bright, colourful design from 1927. Johanna Cornellia van Leeuwen is once again the painter.



Here, this 19.0cm high "Dora" flower bud vase was probably once part of a set. I purchased it because I like the design, shape and artwork. Completely different to my other vases in colour combination and appearance. From 1929 the decorator is unknown.

"I am grateful to Stuart & Kim for allowing me to show you some of my collection and I hope to present more in the future"

David, March 2004

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