Hotze & Elly's Gouda Collection - Part 1

Hotze and Elly from near Utrecht in Holland, have a varied collection of Gouda. Here they very kindly present to us some pictures and the story behind them. More will be added in the future.

"We are Hotze and Elly Barendse and we live in a small town near Utrecht in Holland. A few years ago we bought a little unglazed vase that we liked, but did not know anything about it. After some research and help from friends the vase turned out to be made by Ed. Antheunis. We contacted the De Moriaan Museum in Gouda and they confirmed that our vase was made in Gouda by Ed Antheunis. After a visiting the museum we donated the vase to them as they only had a very small collection of Antheunis. Further searching for Gouda then began!"



Firstly from Plateelbakkerij Schoonhoven we found a superb plate with a decor of two perching birds.
It was made by Sylvia Brands in the 1980's. She still works there as master-painter. When we visited her, she showed us some other beautiful pieces she had made.

Diameter is 19.0cm.

We also obtained from Sylvia this vase - very kind of her! At 14.0cm tall, it is in the same birds decor as the plate. Sylvia also does beautiful paintings.



Plateelbakkerij Schoonhoven again (below) and a little vase from the 1920's. It shows a village
near to where we live and has a lovely decoration on the other side. Shame that it has a chip but maybe one day we will have it restored. Stands 8.0cm high.





Here a small vase (6.0cm) made by the Arnhemse Fayence Fabriek. The designer was Klaas Vet. Their work was related to Zuid-Holland and Rozenburg.








Above - this vase and plate was made by Johannes Hendrikus (Jan) de Groot. He was the founder of a one man company called Sierkunst in Amsterdam and Nijmegen. As far as we know he made his work only in unglazed form. He did not make the ceramic plates himself. They were made by a large company that was called Societe Ceramique in Maastricht. Jan de Groot painted birds, flowers and geometric figures on his objects. As you can see they are pure art nouveau! Mr Ger de Ree, a renowned art connoisseur from Capriolus in Amersfoort, Holland told us that our plate and vase were made by de Groot and that they were early examples. Date is from sometime in the 1920's and the letters A.E. on the back are de Groot's mark. With a spotlight on them they are more than beautiful! The vase is 12.0cm tall and the plate 21.0cm diameter.


Below - four more from our collection of vases made by Ed Antheunis. Examples of unglazed and two glazed - the glazed ones really do shine.



A little bowl, 11.0cm diameter, made by the company "Nieuw Rozenburg". They were in production from 1919-1923. They made what we in Holland call "sieraardewerk", which freely translated in English is "elegant/graceful pottery". The designs were from Roelof Sterken, who also started the company. He also worked for Rozenburg, Haga, de Kroon, Amphora and Saint Lucas. After Nieuw Rozenburg closed he moved to Ram in Arnhem.


From Nieuw Rozenburg again a little vase that has lovely colours and a beautiful glaze. It has the
initials "FM" but we don't know who this was.

Is 9.0cm tall.



Now some items from our Zuid-Holland collection.





The first (above left) is a little vase made in 1926, possibly painted by Adriana Frie but this is not certain. The little ashtray (above right) dates from April 1919 - painter unknown.





Above left - in decor "Berla", was made in 1923 and painted by Pieter Marinus van Waas. It is 8.0cm high. Next is a large liquor bottle, some 23.0cm high, in the popular "Nadro" decor. Would once have had a stopper. Date is 1925 and beautifully painted by Gerada Johanna Lugthart.


Here a little dish from PZH in the high gloss finish. Very dark glaze with a wave like pattern. Date is December 1920 and is painted by Johannes Geradus van Vliet.
It is 15.0cm in diameter and 6.0cm high.

Finally there is one mystery item in our collection! A beautiful unglazed round vase with a square neck! We found it in Germany and have no idea who made it or how old it is. It has no signature on the base, however, on the vase decor it is signed "Mary", "Marij" or possibly "Marcy". Anybody out there who can help us? If so please contact Stuart & Kim - thank you!



"We are very grateful to Stuart & Kim for allowing us to show you our collection. We hope you have enjoyed looking at the pieces"

Hotze & Elly, September 2005

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