Paul's Japanese 'Gouda' collection - Part 1.

Paul from Canada travels all over the world and here he shows some of his fascinating collection of Japanese 'Gouda' look-alikes.

Paul writes - "I love Gouda pottery but I cannot always afford it! So many years ago I decided to collect Japanese copies of Gouda. I think they look wonderful, the price is right and up to now the variety available seems endless. So far I have over 30 pieces all of which are different. They have a price range of $2.00 to $50.00 maximum. Mostly found in thrift shops, flea markets, consignment stores, garage sales and even on eBay. They show up in the most unlikely places! I am a flight attendant with Air Canada and after 32 years of flying domestic & international, I have found these all over the world. For some strange reason I found most pieces in Winnipeg, Manitoba. I do not know why that is so - perhaps Winnipeg was the home of a distributor."



Above left - two of my latest pieces. The large (19.7cm tall) one was found in a garage sale. The smaller one is only 7.6cm. Stamped 'Made in Japan'.

 Above right - a 'Luxor Art Pottery' mark. 8.3cm tall.


Right - two identical models with very similar decors. One base stamped 'Made in Japan' the other is not marked. Both 12.7cm tall by 8.3cm wide.




Below- delightful shape and decor on this tiny 8.3cm vase.




Below left - the wonderful blue colour makes the decor on this double gourd vase really stand out. Stamped 'Finest China - Made in Japan' with crown device. It is some 19.0cm high by 10.2cm wide.

 Below right - The 'Hongan' stamp seen on this 18.0cm tall handled vase.







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