'We were devastated when Arlene passed away suddenly on Thanksgiving day in 2018. We were in San Diego to see Arlene & Lee, son Brian and daughter-in-law Stephanie in September of 2018. We are so glad we did. Some 15 years of very happy memories travelling to San Diego to see them.'

"Words are few, thoughts are deep,
Memories of you we will always keep.
Happy memories silently kept,
No need for words, we’ll never forget."


'The Collection of Arlene & Lee'.

Part 1.

From our friends Arlene & Lee in San Diego, we present some items from their diverse collection. They have been collecting for some eight years and in that time have amassed a sizeable collection.



 Various decors from Plateelbakkerij Zuid-Holland and Regina.




Arnhemsche Fayencefabriek.

Jug in the typical dark high glaze floral 'Gouda decor' of stylised pansies and cornflowers.

A design by Willem Hartgring.

Decor 'Gelri'.

Date circa 1917 - 1918.

Unknown painter.

26.5cm tall by 20.0cm wide.







Plateelbakkerij Zuid-Holland.

Chamberstick in decor 'Pensee' (Pansy).

Date April 1920.

Probably painted by Karel van de Heuvel.

13.0cm square by 7.0cm high.


Rozenburg den Haag.

Clog (Klomp).

Stamped mark with crown and stork.

Date circa 1900 - 1910.

Work order number 48.

Unknown painter.

12.0cm long by 5.0cm wide.






 Plateelbakkerij Zuid-Holland. Clogs and colour galore.





Plateelbakkerij Zuid-Holland.

Small vase in decor 'Moorish'.

Date February 1921.

Possibly painted by Magdalena Judic Heijmenberg.

14.0cm tall by 13.0cm wide.


Plateelbakkerij Zuid-Holland.

Tall trumpet vase in decor 'Bloemen'.

Date June 1921.

Unknown painter.

20.5cm tall by 8.5cm at the widest.




Plateelbakkerij Zuid-Holland.

Snotneus in decor 'Matapan'.

A snotneus was originally a Dutch wall hung oil lamp. Sadly the lid is missing.

Date circa 1917.

Probably painted by Dirk van der Starre Snr.

18.5cm tall by 17.0cm wide.


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