Collectors Gallery 12- Pictures 57, 58 & 59




Picture 57

Picture 57 - Rachel in the UK sends us pictures of her vases made by the Ivora factory (1914 to 1965). Pattern name "Dec: P". Model numbers are both 120 and were made about 1920 - 1926.
They are 29.0cm tall and 14.0cm at their widest.

Picture 58 - Diarmuid from London not only sends a picture of his maginificent wallplate but a family story to go with it.

He says - "I call it my plate, in fact it has hung above my grandmother's fire place in pride of place as long as anyone can remember. Sadly she had to sell up and offered her seven grandchildren the chance to choose a memento. I must add at this point that she was the hostess to beat all hostess's and a visit to her house, especially at Christmas was a cross between a scene from "The Sound of Music" and delving into a Dickensian Christmas Card. It was a child's dream of love, excitement and opulence (in the tasteful sense) and impossible to recreate without her. I tell you this because on such occasions, having eaten myself into a stupor I would hog my place infront of the fire and stare up at this plate and its richness of colour and design always seemed in keeping. Therefore it was my obvious choice and I shall hang it above my fire place. We have Dutch relatives and my grandmother has a reputation of buying souvenirs from her many and varied travels."



Picture 58

A wonderful story and a truly superb plate from PZH in 1924. Every part of this plate just shouts out "Gouda"! You can see an impressed "little house" mark on the base. Sadly the artist who painted this 30.0cm diameter plate is unknown. See Kevin's Decor Breetvelt page for a piece by the same artist.

What you see as "Decor Breetvelt" on the base means that this pattern was after a design by Henri Breetvelt. The decors were 'modified' to make them easier to paint.

Henri Leonardus August Breetvelt - born Delft in 1864 and died in Gouda in 1923 - was one of the most important designers (and artists) at Zuid-Holland. He also worked at Porceleinfabriek De Kroon in Noordwijk. Henri died in 1923 but even after his death Zuid-Holland continued using his designs, giving them the name "Decor Breetvelt". It is not hard to see why his work is so desirable.

Items which were designed and painted by him, he signed simply as "Breetvelt".

Picture 59 - Hilary from Cambridge has this 1930's PZH plastiek figurine. She tells us - "My mum has another one which is similar but is a lady sitting on a rock - that one lives in Scotland. They belonged to my Granny who left them to mum. I've always loved this as mum gave it to me for my birthday a couple of years ago."




This figurine of a bather was designed by Eta Lempke. Date circa 1934.

These monotone figurines (plastieken) of animals, birds, girls (often scantly clad!) and depictions of the Madonna were very popular. There were also polychrome ones. Early PZH designers included Chris J. van der Hoef, Eta Lempke, Bernard Richters, Tjipke Visser and others. Many were still in production into the 1960's. Goedewaagen also produced them with many designs by Theo Vos and Schoonhoven by Chris Agterberg and Godefridus Boonekamp.

Picture 59

Thanks to Rachel, Diarmuid and to Hilary for their personal thoughts.