Kevin's Decor Breetvelt Page 2

Kevin has added more pieces to his collection. Here he presents three of them. All beautifully painted.


I love the dark purple rim and the dots round the bottom. The flowers are lovely, soft and muted. So pleasing to look at.

Date 1925.

Painted by Hendrik van Wensveen.

Model number 173.

16.5 cm high by 10.0 cm wide.







This tall vase has been modified into a lamp with a hole drilled into the base. Found late in the day at an antiques show. Lucky to spot it. Nice colours & design.

Date 1925.

Possibly painted by Maarten Burger.

Model number 844.

Some 38.0 cm tall by 12.7 cm at its widest.




This is a nice shape. Like a old Roman pitcher. Flowers everywhere!

Date 1925.

Painted by Gerrit Pieter van den Akker.

Model number 1215.

33.0 cm in height by 20.3 cm at it wildest.





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