Hotze & Elly's Gouda Collection - Part 2


An early vase from "De Rozeboom", Den Haag. This plateel factory existed only one year. Founded by Leendert Antonie Iseger in 1919 but in 1920 he went to "De Ram" in Arnhem. Sadly Iseger died in 1921.

Iseger also worked as a painter for Rozenburg in 1899 and Zuid-Holland in 1903.

According to our research Iseger made and signed this vase.

It is 29.0cm high.







A small vase made by Zenith. The decor is "Clymatis" (Clematis) which you can see here in shortened form as "Clym". These glossy decors by Zenith were mainly produced from 1919 to 1923 but some into the 1930's.

This is a beautiful little vase, with a lovely decor in brown, blue and green. We like it very much.

Only 9.0cm high.


An early example of a little "Damascus" decor pot, in Holland we call this a "bibelotje". We are very proud we found it!

Date around 1910/1915.

Height 6.0cm and 9.5cm diameter.






Here a lovely piece from the Arnhem factory (Arnhemsche Fayencefabriek).

Decor is "Creta" and dates from the mid 1920's.

Height 8.0cm and 9.5cm in diameter.


Beautiful ewer from Plateelfabriek Gelria in Arnhem. Co-founded by Klaas Vet in 1926 after he left Arnhemsche Fayencefabriek. It closed in 1932.

In decor "Cymar" and model number H54. Probably dates from the late 1920's

Is 21.0cm high.





A little vase with lid from PZH. Part of the lid has been painted to hide a small mark.

Signature is that of Frans Johannes Vink and will date to around 1930.

Only 9.0cm high.


Here an Art Deco vase in beautiful colours by Société Céramique Maastricht, (1859-1958). A combination of handpainting and transfer printing (sjabloon).We searched a few years for this as we knew that they existed. Finally we found one and we are very proud of it.

Made around 1925.

It is 11.5cm high.





More pictures to come soon


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