Collectors Gallery 17 - Pictures 76, 77, 78, 79 & 80

Picture 76 - Hanna from Norway sends us a picture of her beautiful pastel coloured Art Nouveau decor wall plate or wandbord. It was made as a wall plate as there are two holes for hanging. Painted and probably designed by one of the best at Zuid-Holland, Leendert Johan Muller. Muller was born in 1879 in Leiden and died in 1969 and worked at Zuid-Holland from 1898 to 1936.

The plate is 44.0cm diameter.



Picture 76

Picture(s) 77 - Here, Niels from the Netherlands, presents two very early Zuid Holland items from his collection. Niels tell us - "They are from the first period of the Zuid-Holland factory. The vase was decorated by Leen Muller. It is marked with the early Lazarus Gate and Egbert Estié double "E's". The early year mark is "B" for 1899. The other one is a bowl, also with the early Lazarus Gate double "E's". The painter is Franciscus Anthonius Johannes Fonville and has the same year mark "B" as the vase."

"My collection is made up from different factories. Most pieces are by Zuid-Holland, Arnhem or Holland Utrecht."

Vase is 15.2cm high and 9.0cm wide and the bowl is 19.0cm wide and 5.0cm high.





Picture 77

Picture 78 - Dennis from the Netherlands tells us - "We inherited this Oud Delft and some other pieces of Gouda and Royal Delft from our grandmother. It's nice to know some background information and as they were my grandmothers we will never sell them."

The Oud Delft company was founded by Roelof Elshout in 1920 in Nijmegen and in 1996 it moved to Waddinxveen where it still manufactures earthenware products, mainly commemorative and promotional. The Oud mark can confuse people into mistaking it for the real Royal Delft. This particular mark is the hand-painted one used from 1940 to 1968. Between the letters "OUD", a representation of a potters wheel. Other marks are thought to be date and artists marks.

This well painted blue & white vase is 38.0cm high and the bottom part is 22.0cm wide.


Picture 78

Picture 79 - From Wisconsin USA sent in by Cheri who tells us - "I came across this at a Church rummage sale. I bought it because it said Holland and my friend lives there. I will keep it and tell all my children about it so they know of the history."

Well Cheri that is one of the best reasons for buying something.

Many very early Zuid-Holland pieces depicted Dutch country life, farming, animals and so on. The scenes such as this were called 'Paysage' from the French for "landscape".

The artist of this high glaze decor was Johannes Wilhelmus van Schaick, who worked for Zuid-Holland at various dates from about 1910 to 1951. He was born in Gouda in 1891 and died in Gouda in 1974. Schaick was one of the real true artists of PZH and also became a designer.

The dimensions are 18.0cm tall by 12.5cm wide.




Picture 79

Picture 80 - Thanks to Ronald from New York, USA, we can show you this beautiful piece of Zuid-Holland, purchased at an estate sale. He tell us - "The bottle has a cork & metal stopper with an extension on the metal tip and a wood stopper."

This is a delightful and part of the Art Deco history era, glove duster. Once containing the scented powder used by ladies to ease on their gloves. Possibly once part of a dressing table set. It was made in 1930 in the decor "Madeleine". Expertly painted by Baukje Kwinkelberg. The number 15 is the mould (shape) number.

Look here at Picture 43 and see another in the same decor and mould.

The picture is large to show you the fine detail. Thanks to Ronald for his excellent photograph.



Picture 80

Thanks to Hanna, Niels, Dennis, Cheri and Ronald for their pictures and words.