Collectors Gallery 16 - Pictures 72, 73, 74 & 75

Pictures 72 & 73 - David, from Norway shows these two items, 72 and 73. The vase belongs to David and the plate to a friend, Egil. They show two very contrasting decors from PZH and are very interesting items for different reasons.

The vase (Picture 72), mould 584, in "Tiny" - a delightful pattern, dates June 1920.
Painted by Maria Johanna Kelder.

The vase is 18.8cm tall, 8.5cm at the widest.

The plate (Picture 73) is also interesting for the date.

The date of is 1932. The mark you can see to the left of the "little house" is a question mark - ?
This date code was used when the PZH factory was very uncertain about its future. It had just survived a very bad workers strike. What was to become of the factory in the future years? A very apt date mark and well thought out by someone!

Pattern name is "Atento" and is very rarely seen. Quite unusual. Artist is unknown.

Plate is 30.4cm in diameter.

The use of "Kon" is short for Koninklijke or Royal. This was not introduced until early 1930.


Picture 72



Picture 73

Picture 74 - A rumage through charity shops can be rewarding. Ray, from the UK, proves this pastime works by finding this early piece for £3.00 (GBP3.00).

"Suled" one of the first matte designs and has all the typical PZH traits of colour and pattern. As you can see, very much a "Rhodian" and "Beek" style pattern. Shown here in mould number 034. It will date about 1915. The three triangles are wonderful design features. Decorator is unknown, however, we have seen the mark before on other pieces.
Dimensions are 16.5cm high by about 12.5cm at the widest.




Picture 74

Picture 75 - Howard, from New Zealand, tells us about this delightful piece from PZH - "When my father died recently the vase was with his things. My wife recalled the vase in my parents new home in New Plymouth in 1955. A few days ago I was looking through some old photos, as I am writing a family history and sure enough, there was a photo showing the vase on a feature brick wall in the new house. I would think my parents purchased the vase near the end of 1955, specifically to suit the decor of their new home."

The photo show the base markings and the PZH silver and green sticker used on many items. Howard found the "certificate" inside the vase. In late 1930 the Dutch royal family honoured PZH by allowing them to use "By Royal Appointment". This is an amazing find as the certificates were often lost or simply thrown away. Very rare to see one. See here for more pictures related to the "Royal" connection.

Howard's parents must have really treasured this piece and I know Howard will keep it safe, as he tells us the certificate is back inside the vase.

Date will be from after WW2 to about 1952.

The vase, most likely for flowers or a flower bulb, measures 20.0cm high and was probably painted by Johan van Kersbergen.



Picture 75

Thanks to David & Egil, Ray and to Howard and his family.

We really do appreciate the owners of items shown on our Collectors Pages in allowing us to quote from their (often personal) emails. Unless requested by the owner, we never use full names or identify exact locations.