Collectors Gallery 8 - Pictures 43 to 46

Picture 43 - this is a terrific piece of Gouda sent in by Pam from Oregon, USA.

Pam tells us - "I have just started to collect Gouda and we found this at a local antique shop. It was a birthday present from my husband. I am very excited to add this to my collection since I only started collecting this year and feel fortunate to have found this unusual and unique piece so early. It is in perfect condition too!"



Picture 43

A wonderful find of Gouda and what a great husband Pam must have. This is most likely a glove duster and would have contained the scented powder used by ladies to ease on their gloves. Most likely once part of a dressing table set. The "SO" or "50" seen at the bottom of the base probably indicates this. The date is 1930 and is in the typical Gouda pattern "Madelien" (or various other spellings depending on the painter). It is some 9.0cm high by 5.0cm in diameter. The painter could be Jacob Remijer who was born in 1912.

Picture 44 - a very desirable set in one of the truly classic PZH designs - Corona. Possibly for liquors or condiments, olive oil or vinegar? These are from Terry who lives in Victoria, B.C. on Vancouver Island, Canada. Terry says - " My wife was given these pieces from her grandmother who lives in Holland. We have had them for about six years."





Picture 44

Corona is a favourite of many collectors, us included. It is a PZH Gouda classic pattern and much sought after. The ones marked 3031 and 3032 (mould numbers) were made in November 1920. If you look you will see "11" to the right of the date mark indicating the month. Artist was Karel van de Heuvel one of PZH's longest serving artists, about 40 years in total.

The 3031B was made in January 1920 - see the "1" near the date mark? The artist was probably Dirk van der Starre.

Picture 45 - from Andrew in Cornwall, UK who says - "I am not really a collector but I bought this vase in the County of Yorkshire during the early 1980's. The decoration just caught my eye and for 10pence (UK) it looked a snip."



Picture 45

It was a snip, including the one on the rim! This should not detract from a beautifully painted and solidly coloured PZH vase. Wonderful bright colours. It was painted by Jan Cornelis van der Meide (v.d.M.) who would only have been 14 years old at the time. No pattern name. Dates at April 1920. Measures 13cm at the widest by 17.0cm high.

Picture 46 - here is another inkwell from Richard & Trude Bonas. You can see more examples from their collection elsewhere on the site. Richard says - "The colours are light and it is in a high glaze finish."

This is from the Ivora factory. It was probably made sometime between 1920 and 1923. The decoration is traditional Delft poly. The style being used from 1920 until the late 1930's. It is not signed nor has it a pattern name. These type of decorations were painted for Ivora mainly by women.

With grateful thanks to our friend Friggo Visser for this information.

The dimensions are approx. 21.5cm in length by about 9.5cm high.



Picture 46

Thanks to Pam & her hubby, also Terry, Andrew and Richard & Trude