Collectors Gallery 13 - Pictures 60 to 66

Picture 60 -Tim from San Francisco who owns this Schoonhoven vase says - "It is beautifully made with a fairly thin walled body. One of those vases you wonder how it made it this far without getting broken!"

Pattern here is "Johnny" or sometimes seen as the Dutch "Johnnij" and dates from around the mid 1920's up to about 1929. The painter is unknown. This is a very nice piece which seems to combine the elements of "Fariet" and "KL Fariet". See Collectors Pictures 50 and 55.
Stands some 13.5cm high with a diameter from 4.5cm at the base to 7.5cm at the rim.



Picture 60

Picture 61 - George and Doreen, who are regular contributors to our site, here present two beautifully decorated Zenith vases. They tell us - "These two vases from the Zenith factory in Gouda are decorated in the Art Nouveau style and in the pattern of "Ruby" which was one of the patterns used in the 1920's and 1930's. These two are probably dated around 1935 and are in excellent condition. The small vase, which is 10.0cm tall, was found at an Antiques Fair in England and the larger vase which is 20.0cm tall was found on an on-line auction site in the U.S.A."



Picture 61

Pictures 62 to 66 - Bert & Carol, who hail from Pennsylvania, shows some favourites from their collection.

Bert writes - "My wife Carol and I have been collecting Gouda for about ten years, ever since we became intrigued by a candy dish that we saw at a flea market. We became so interested in these ceramics that we made a "pilgrimage" to Gouda and the fantastic de Moriaan museum. Our pleasure at seeing the ceramics there was muted by our awareness of the hard and unhealthful labor the people who crafted them had endured."




Pictures 62 & 63

Left - PZH "Kartarood" shallow bowl - 1923. Purchased in Carmel, California. 30.5cm wide by 7.5cm high.

Right - PZH "Trudy" trumpet shape vase - 1923. Purchased in New York City. 16.5cm high by 18.0cm at widest.





Pictures 64 & 65

Left - Goedewaagen "Zon" bud vase with wonderful Deco design - 1923/1929. Bought in Langhorne, Pennsylvania. 15.0cm high by 26.5cm at widest.

Right - Schoonhoven "Largo" classic design - mid 1920's. Purchased in Arnhem, Netherlands. 14.5cm high by 7.0cm wide. This mould number of 104 was one of the models of the liquidated factory De Rozenboom which Schoonhoven bought in 1919-1920. The first Schoonhoven model number was 101.



Picture 66

Finally a PZH bowl in the simple but very attractive "Henley" - 1923. Purchased in Adamstown, Pennsylvania. 21.0cm wide by 10.0cm high.


Many thanks to Tim, George & Doreen and Bert & Carol for their pictures.