Collectors Gallery 11- Pictures 54, 55 & 56

Picture 54 - Robert from Indonesia has an interesting story about this "Roma" piece.

He tells us - "It was given to me in Jakarta in the mid 1970's by an Indonesian businessman who knew I liked antiques. The pattern on the plate is a traditional Javanese design which is mostly seen on batik cloth used for sarongs. It was as a design motif beginning to disappear in favour of more modern designs at that time. It may have been part of a series of decorative plates featuring traditional designs. The white areas on the plate are crackled to mimic the batik, the wax used to apply the pattern on the cloth could be distressed to create a random pattern of cracks which let the dye through to the cloth."

Made in 1954, this "Roma" plate was probably painted by Johannes Cornelis Mooyenkind.

The longest length is 26.0cm.



Picture 54

Picture 55 - Kathryn from Murfreesboro, Tennessee sends this picture of her marvellous Schoonhoven candlestick. Kathryn adds - "I found your wonderful website and was interested to know what the marks on the bottom represent. My Grandmother passed away this year and I was given this beautiful candlestick (only one) - happily no one else wanted it."

This "Fariet" pattern candlestick from Schoonhoven has the mould number 222A. It would have been made around the mid 1920's to 1930 and was possibly originally one of a pair. When introduced at that time, the black & white "Fariet" was unusual for the potteries in Gouda and also the other Dutch potteries.

It stands some 27.0cm tall.

You can see another "Fariet" here - Picture 50.



Picture 55

Pictures 56 - We are delighted that Mick & Chris from Wales have sent us this set in the "Danier" pattern. Mick & Chris tell us - "These Gouda pieces with the exception of the "what not", as we describe it, came into our possession some 30 years ago. They were found in the loft of a public house in Manchester, England, when the in-laws took over the business. The "what not" we found in a second hand shop several years ago."

It is good to see a set complete as many are separated. Very often the retailer made up a set and not the factory. There are three different painters and two date marks.

One decorator is Anna Jacoba Cornellia van der Bovenkamp, who worked for Zuid-Holland from 1922 to 1932.
On the line of four marks, the third from the left is probably that of Johannes Geradus van Vliet, whose workperiod was 1915 to 1929.

Pattern is "Danier" and the set dates at 1923.

Sizes are:-Basin/bowl 35.5cm diameter by 11.5cm deep. Jug 28.0cm high. Soap dish 14.5cm long.

The "what not", seen here centre front in this group picture, is 10 cm diameter by 10 cm high and has a date of 1925.






Pictures 56

Thank you Robert, Kathryn and Mick & Chris for your pictures