Plateelbakkerij Ivora Wallplates - Part 2.

More colourful and beautifully designed commemorative wallplates.



The armistice treaty between the Allies and Germany was signed in a railway carriage in Compiègne Forest at 11.00 am on November 11, 1918.

Signatories were - Ferdinand Foch (France) , Lloyd George (Great Britain), Woodrow Wilson (USA) and Matthias Erzberger (Germany). Erzberger was a civilian.

Made by Ivora for M. BUP. H.

Model number 225. Number 163 in the series.

Diameter 27.5cm.



Made by Ivora for C. Fortmann Den Haag. Signifying PAX for peace - 1919.

Model 241.

Diameter 31.0cm.





This is our favourite plate! Peace - dated 28 June 1919.

Model number 225. Number 72.

Diameter 27.5cm.


Here, Woodrow Wilson President of the USA, was recognised on this wallplate.

The wording on the front says - 'The most powerful idealist in the greatest fight'.

On the backstamp the Latin text - 'Simplex Veri Sigillum!' meaning 'Simplicity is the Charactersitic of Truth'.

Made by Ivora for M. Bup. H.

Model number 225. Number 19.

Diameter 27.5cm.






This plate was made for the occasion of the naming of the 11* Dutch provinces. The wording 'Lants Schrick Breidel Ick' means - 'the Dutch lion must be controlled'.

Model number 134. Number 23 in the total made.

Diameter 23.5cm.

* There are now 12 provinces.

North Brabant
North Holland
South Holland


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