Michael's Gouda Collection - Part 2

Michael continues with his pictures and descriptions.




Although this is an advertising piece for a tobacco company instead of strictly being only a decorative item, it is highly unusual in that it depicts a stout merchant in 17th century clothing standing on a black and white tile pattern floor and surrounded by a swirling abstract pattern. I think the design quality is very good and can see why the tobacco vender used Ivora to create this humidor. I don't have much Ivora but really like the blue and yellow in this piece.

18.5cm H

Decorator unknown



Four ewers - PZH - 23.0cm H


As you can see - all mould number 592/3

The four ewers were purchased separately but look great together since they share the same shape. I think the ewers are elegant and the shapes take the patterns very well. These four pieces epitomize what I like about Gouda because of the strong integrity of the designs and color choices.


"Damascus III" - 1915/1918

Decorator unknown



June 1920

Decorated by Dirk van der Starre







Decorator unknown




Probably decorated by Karel van de Heuvel






Here with big brother is a really cute smaller ewer in "Kabani". Same date of 1929 and same decorator, Karel van de Heuvel. Note the mould number is 592/1. The "1" denoting the same shape as big brother but smaller mould size.

Small Kabani is 16.5cm high.




A big thank you to Michael for showing us some high quality pictures from his collection.


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