Unless stated all pieces are from our collection. More pictures to come.

Regina "Majoli", "Rosario" and "Lydia" decors.







"Majoli" has a small chip on the base but this cannot be seen when displayed and in no way distracts from the delightful design and pastel colours. The "Rosario" small jug is in perfect condition with vivid colouring. The small "Lydia" amphora below is typical Regina. Dates from 1960's into the 1970's. Sizes for all three are - 8.5cm H x 5.5cm D .


Regina Delft Blue - "Delfts Blauw"



Trinket dish with lid in Delft blue or "Delfts blauw". Date from the early 1970's. Painted by our very dear friend Ria Nobel. Ria was a paintress at Regina. You can see a page with pictures about Ria here. Size is 11.0cm by 9.0cm by 4.4cm.


Regina "Anita"

Below a small vase from circa 1950 in the delightful Regina pattern of "Anita".

Kindly sent by the owner Emma who lives in New Zealand, who says - "I really like the design, it has a late 1960's hippy area look to it." The 1960's brings back many happy and hippy memories! Stuart.

The vase is 6.5cm H x 6.7cm D in mould 295/1 - decorator 'V' is unknown.

Notice no crown or "WB" for Want & Barras. Joop Nobel tells us this was sometimes missed out by the painter.




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