Larger photos & base marks of Regina pottery.




"Lydia" small jug - c.1950's - 6.4cm H by 7.0cm D. "Lydia" small vase - c.1950's - 7.0cm H by 6.4cm D

This jug has a very matte, almost dull finish but is beautifully painted in the popular "Lydia". This decor was still in production when the factory closed in 1979. The vase in "Lydia" again but a semi matte finish.




Miniature flower pot - c.1920's - 5.1cm H by 7.0cm D

A delightful little flower pot in the nouveau inspired "Imanta". Most probably there was a matching base.






"Osiris" and "Rosario"

Wallplates (wandbords) - c.1938 - 16.0cm D

Unmarked and stunning designs on these plates. Classic, dazzling, art nouveau inspired decors. Both have the same mould number of 573.A and are by the same (unknown) painter.


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