Ellen's Gouda Collection - Part 2.

Ellen shows us some more of her favourite pieces. She says about the Rozenburg cache pot - "This is my only Rozenburg. It's a very large piece and in mint condition. I lucked out with this! "

Certainly a beautuful Rozenburg earthenware cache pot.

Date is 1896. The 'NKx' mark to the left of the Rozenburg stork logo. This mark was used from 1 January 1896 until 25 August 1896.

Probably painted by Hendrik David Schild.

Measuring 30.5 cm diameter at the widest point by 23.0 cm high it is a sizable piece!





Asparagus dish made by PZH.

An example of New Porcelain (NP) Mat Bloemen, the 'MB' is for Mat Bloemen (Matte Flower). Designed by Wilhelmus Petrus Hartgring, these decors were very popular.

Date circa 1910-1915.

Model number 590.

The painters mark 'NN' which is seen on a lot of NP pieces is unknown.

Dimensions 40.5 cm long by 25.5 cm wide.



Large plate made by ESKAF.

ESKAF - Eerste Steenwijker Kunst-Aardewerk Fabriek.

Only a few ESKAF decors had pattern names. The popular 'Gouda bloemdecors' (flower decors) were mainly designed by W.H van Norden.

Date early 1920's.

Model number 27.

Possibly painted by Jo Buys.

Is 32.0 cm in diameter.






Tall single gourd shape fluted base vase from PZH.

Decor 'Old-Time'.

Date 1924.

Model number 2101.

Notice the number 729 at the top is in a different colour to the other marks. These numbers often referred to a retailer destination.

Probably painted by the female painter Wijnanda Marie Alberdina Lugthart. She was 20 years old at this time.

Stands some 23.0 cm high by 11.5 cm diameter at the widest point.


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