Collectors Gallery 9 - Pictures 47 to 50

Picture 47 - Mike from Boston, in the USA sends these pictures. Mike says - "They were purchased by my wife in Boston during the late 1970's as she thought they were very attractive."

A matching pair in the Massa pattern and dating from June 1919. The artist was Maria Johanna Kelder. Massa as you can see has all the typical PZH attributes of pattern style and colour.

They are replicas of a "Test" which was a vessel for holding hot coals which could then have been used for keeping food warm, etc. Test - Middle English in the sense of a cupel, via French from the Latin testum, earthenware vessel.

Measure about 5.0cm high by 6.0cm across. Notice the mould number of 204 is the same as a piece from our collection, see here.



Picture 47

Picture 48 - Doreen & George Gallimore send this stunningly decorated and highly colourful semi-matte ESKAF vase from their ever growing collection of Gouda and Delftware. See their Collecting Dutch Delftware series.

Doreen & George say - "This ESKAF (Eerste Steenwijker Kunst-Aardewerk-Fabriek) vase was painted by Abraham Meerding (AM) who was born in Maartensdijk on 7 March 1892 and died in Laren 27 August 1939. Meerding also worked for Rembrandt, Nijmegen (1913 -1915) and for PB Delft, Hilversum in 1919. The ESKAF factory moved to Huizen in 1927. He may have possibly done work for PZH."

The vase dimensions are 14.0cm high & wide and was painted about 1930.



Picture 48

Picture 49 - Mark from Toronto, Canada owns this PZH bowl in the outstanding and bold pattern of "Dorian".

Mark says - "It was given to me by my grandfather, who would have received it from his mother. Most likely bought locally in Toronto but I do not have any more information on it's origin."

This bowl, which dates at 1924, was probably painted by Martina Maria Steenwinkel. She worked for PZH from 1918 until 1927. It's dimensions are 9.0cm high and 15.2cm at the widest.

A very nice item indeed.



Picture 49

Picture 50 - Dallas from Sydney, Australia tells us - "I have just discovered your website and have found it fascinating. I would like to show you a "Fariet" jug which I think was given to my mother as a wedding present in the early 1930s. It stood on our mantle shelf in my childhood home and I had always liked it. It is in pristine condition."

Dallas adds that she takes great care of it - and it certainly shows.

This is a fine example of a mid 1920's, 1930 Schoonhoven in the black and white "Fariet" pattern. Hand painted marks but no artists initials. It stands 19.0cm high with a centre diameter of about 16cm. You can see some more on Schoonhoven here and another "Fariet" here - Picture 55.



Picture 50

Thanks to Mike, Doreen & George, Mark and to Dallas