Collectors Gallery 27 - Pictures 126 to 130

Picture 126 - Cees from Veenendaal in the Netherlands presents three more superbly photographed items from his collection. Cees says about the Gelria vase - "This beautiful vase is one of Gelria's un-named decors. Although painted by Wim van Ham, having no decor name it is not known if van Ham designed it. Painted by Wim van Ham will date it to 1926/27."

A number of Gelria decors bore great resemblance to some Regina decors which did cause some 'friction' between Gelria and Regina! As you can see this is based clearly on Regina decors.

Plateelbakkerij Gelria Arnhem, founded by Klaas Vet in 1926 it closed in 1932.

Model number 57 it stands some 21.5cm high by 11.5cm wide.



Picture 126


Pictures 126 & 127 - Cees says - "This Plateelbakkerij Zuid-Holland decor 'Rosalie', with a bird and flowers in a 'Japanese style', is not often mentioned in literature."

The vase was painted in 1926 and decorated by Dirk van der Bree. Model number is 565 and is about 26.5cm high.

The platter on model number 1165/30 is about 31.0cm in diameter. Date is September 1920 and decorated by Cornelis Charles van Wezenburg.




Picture 127




Picture 128


Pictures 129 & 130 - stunning photographs of two more items belonging to the collection of our friends Doreen & George of Collecting Dutch Delftware fame! Doreen & George tell us - "This 20.0cm tall vase in the 'Drakon' (Dragon) pattern from the PZH factory, we would consider a fantastic looking piece. The painting on it is absolutely superb. The date is probably in the last years of PZH - we will say circa 1960. The artist’s monogram is the same as that on the Bloemen vases (see below) and is that of Jacob Arie Boot who painted for PZH from 1908 to the close in 1964. A time span of 56 years for the same artist! We often wonder if it is a Chinese dragon (5 claws) or Korean dragon (4 claws) or Japanese dragon (3 claws) or is it just a plain old dragon!"



Picture 129

Picture 129 - Doreen & George continue - "These are a mirror image pair of 'Bloemen' decor vases some 14.5cm in height and dating from 1927. Painted by Jacob Arie Boot (see 'Drakon' vase above). A little story about these two vases. When we first saw them at an Antiques Fair in Staffordshire, England the seller would not move on the price he wanted for them. Sometime later, they were on eBay being sold by a different seller but the price was still more than we wanted to pay. They were actually listed on eBay twice, people were interested but were not prepared to pay the asking price. The next time we saw them was at an Antiques Fair in Harrogate, England and we were finally able to come to an agreement about the price and purchased them!"





Picture 130


Thank you to Cees and Doreen & George for their superb pictures. With grateful thanks to Ron Tasman.


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