Collectors Gallery 28 - Pictures 131 to 135

Picture 131 - Tino from the Netherlands presents an early example from Potterij Rembrandt. Tino has told us - "I bought this jardinière at an auction because I really liked it and it was in the 'Gouda manner'. However, I could not identify the pottery at first. I've seen and own some other Rembrandt pieces but not with this mark. Yes the painting is a bit crude but it is from the early years. I think when PZH bought Rembrandt they kept the name 'alive' to make the public believe they still had competition - a well known trick in business land!"

The jardinière was made by Potterij Rembrandt in the Nijmegen factory. Potterij Rembrandt was founded in Utrecht in 1906 and moved to Nijmegen in 1908. In 1925/26 it was 'taken over' by Plateelbakkerij Zuid-Holland.

Called 'Decor J' on model number 143 which you can see scratched into the base.

The date is circa 1910/1913 and it was painted by Theodorus Johannes Oor - the 'TO' mark. He worked for Rembrandt from 1908 to 1913. Oor also worked for Oud Delft (twice), PC Köhler, PZH and Sierkunst.

Dimensions are 21.0cm long by 9.5cm deep and it stands 6.5cm high.

Potterij Rembrandt items with these early marks are rarely seen.





Picture 131


Picture 132 - the reach of Gouda-Design is worldwide as you know. Here is a Delft liquor jug from Ardeshir who lives in Iran. Ardeshir tells us - "This Delft jug has been in my family possession for at least one hundred years. It is in very good condition except for surface cracks due to age and the very dry weather here in Iran."

Made by De Porceleyne Fles in 1904. You can see the 'Z' mark for 1904. It was painted by Petrus Leonardus Dijkman - the joined 'DP - he worked for PF from 1882 - 1922.
It was made by PF for the gin distillery Erven Lucas Bols, see the entwined 'ELB'. It would probably originally have had a stopper. The 1575 date is when Bols was founded. Many Dutch pottery factories made items for Bols and the other distillery companies.




Picture 132

Picture 133 - Tom says - "It was my wife who acquired this vase at a car boot sale in Tayport, Fife, Scotland some time ago. We knew nothing about it until a friend who collects pottery told us about your Gouda-Design website. We were amazed at the various types and patterns that there are of this type pottery. It looks like you my have another pair of collectors also!"

Plateelbakkerij Zuid-Holland vase in the popular 'Gladys' decor. Date is 1927 and it was painted by Clasina Gerarda IJsselstein.



Picture 133

Picture 134 This vase is now in our collection, it was purchased from Sandy in September 2009.

Sandy who lives in California sends a very nice picture of a pitcher made by PZH for Den Duif Den Dolder. Sandy says - " I have inherited this little pitcher and wondered if it was Gouda. I believe my Aunt received this as a gift. Under the printed mark on the bottom is an etched bird with a few hash marks that seem to look like pine needles. I hope you are able to make out the little inscribed dove on the bottom of the pitcher. The dove is placed under the word Plazuid and to the right of the 'little house' and has two legs marked under it's body. Above Plazuid are three lines which to me look like long pine needles. The pot stands about 18.0cm tall and is roughly 15.0cm wide."

The pitcher was made by Plateelbakkerij Zuid-Holland has an inscribed mark for 'Den Duif Den Holder' - 'The Dove' from the town of 'Den Dolder'. PZH made items for many companies including 'Dove' the Dove soap manufacturer who were in the village of Den Dolder, Holland. Made by PZH for Dove for commercial advertising. A beautifully painted piece but sadly not marked by the painter. Date circa 1928/1930.




Image below left shows enhanced base mark to try and show you the inscribed mark of Den Duif. Sandy tell us it was very difficult to photograph. See description above. To the right is a picture of the Dove mark taken from another vase.



Picture 134

Picture 135 - Timothy & Lucia from Oakland, California have several pieces of Gouda. This one they found interesting as they could not work out the factory. They tell us - "We asked you for help with the marks on a piece of Damascus a couple of years ago. That was our first piece! We fell in love with Gouda and we now have a sweet and modest collection of around 30 pieces. We are blown away by the beauty of the many collections on your site...just wonderful! So now we have a mystery to solve and we wondered about the cachepot we found at a little shop 80 miles south of Oakland. The markings have us baffled. The pot is about 15.0cm wide and 9.0cm high."

Well Timothy & Lucia, your cachepot was made for H & J Lamp of Haarlem by Plateelbakkerij Zuid-Holland. All the pottery factories made promotional items for retail shops. PZH made many items for Liberty's. As you can see there is no indication of it being made by PZH. Date is circa 1915 -1925. Sadly the painter 'TvV' is (at present) unknown.



Picture 135


With thanks to Tino, Ardeshir, Tom, Sandy and Timothy & Lucia.


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