Collectors Gallery 26 - Pictures 121 to 125

Picture 121 - Annemarie from the North West Hills part of Connecticut, USA sends us pictures of these wonderful Schoonhoven candlesticks. Annemarie says - "I collect Gouda pieces and have one large 'Corel' vase and I thought these two candlesticks flanking it would look nice on my shelf. The marks are identical on both. Originally from Holland I started collecting Gouda after inheriting two pieces. Not knowing what they were I did some research and was hooked. Your web site has helped me a lot. Keep up the good work."

These superbly decorated Schoonhoven candlesticks are in decor 'Inspira'. Model 222a (sometimes seen as 222A). Date circa 1925-1929. The decorator is unknown. Height is about 27.0cm.




Picture 121

Pictures 121 to 124 - these pictures are from Corrie in the Netherlands. The factory that made the jug below was called 'De Hoop'. This factory was in production in Gouda around the 1932 - 1939 period. The location of the factory is unknown. To confuse things there was another factory of the same name (Faiencerie De Hoop) in Arnhem which was in production around the same years. The 'De Hoop' Gouda used a sticker as you can see. Decor name is 'Corrie' on model 326. Notice the similarity to the 'Lente' decor from Jumbo.



Picture 122


The vase below is from the 'Unica' series of PZH. The decor name of 'Unica' was used for a series of decors which were all different - hence the 'Unica' name. The 'JS' mark probably indicates this was designed by Jan Schonk. Painted by Johan Bennis and dates circa mid to late 1930's. Model number 2519.



Picture 123


Below - decor 'Vienne' from PZH. The crown device and 'Koninklyk Gouda' date it from the mid 1950's to 1964. The painter (F) is unknown for this period.




Picture 124


Picture 125 - Cees from Veenendaal in the Netherlands tells us - "I'm a collector of Gouda especially from the PZH factory. My main interest is on the 'P' and 'NP' decors although I have several items with matte and high glaze decors. This 'Paysage' decor vase is 'Naar Mauve' (after the Dutch painter Mauve) and is model 187. Sadly the piece is not marked by the painter." You can see more items from Cees' collection on the next page.

The best painters of 'Paysage' for PZH were Jan van Schaik and Jan van Ham although many others did some work such as Wouter Anthonie Nonner and Pieter Woerlee. The best quality ones were painted from 1898 to about 1915. Date is probably around 1910/1915. More 'Paysage' items can be found here and throughout the site.



Picture 125


Many thanks to Annemarie, Corrie and Cees. We are grateful to Ron Tasman for his help with the De Hoop, PZH 'Unica' and Paysage items.