Collectors Gallery 25 - Pictures 116 to 120

Picture 116 - this lovely Zuid-Holland vase is presented by Marge from Wisconsin, USA. Marge tell us - "This vase was given to me by my mother. It fits remarkably well with my home decor and I love the colours. I am so happy you were able to provide me with this information and to include it on the Collectors' Pages. I have a much better understanding of Gouda pottery now and will be looking out for more Gouda to add to my "collection".

Painted by Antonia Ludovica van Dam in 1926, this is a delightful vase from PZH. The decor name of 'B.G.6.' is not a very inspiring name for a beautiful decor! Model number is 274 which you can also see scratched into the base. This is very squat bulbous model with the top of the vase wider than the base.

Height is just over 20.0cm - top 15.0cm across and the base 10.0cm across.



Picture 116

Picture 117 - the three pieces here shown, are owned by Gary in New York, USA. Gary says - "I just want to thank you so much for your dedication to this site. What a fantastic idea creating the Collectors' Gallery for all of us to share. I have been collecting for some 20 years and just had to share with you pictures of three of my favorite pieces. They were purchased at three different times and different shops in Boston."

These unusual 'Coronia' decor vases from PZH are post WW2. The middle one from 1954 and the outer ones 1955. The middle one - model 07 - was decorated by Marinus Aart Snellemen. Models 0126 and 0130 - both probably decorated by Johan van Kersbergen.

Models 0126 and 0130 are both approx. 20.5cm tall and the 07 is about 15.5cm tall.






Picture 117

Picture 118 - Doreen & George send us this pair of vases from Zuid-Holland and they tell us - "The artist was Cornelis Abraham Prins who was one of the best painters at PZH. These painters were often allowed to "do their own thing" - in other words produce free-form decors. Such decors rarely had names. Here a pair of vases in a decor created by Prins dating 1928. His mark of an encircled 'CAP' can clearly be seen."

Cornelis Abraham Prins, known in his family as Kees, was born in Gouda in 1890 and died in Gouda 1950. He worked for PZH at odd dates, starting 1903 -1908, 1911 - 1915, 1916 - 1932 and again from 1938 - 1950! In the other years he worked for Tegel- en Fayencefabriek Amphora in Oegstgeest and Plateelbakkerij Zenith. A busy man and a busy family with three other members all painters.

Model number is 196 and they stand 16.5cm high.

You can see the excellent articles on Collecting Dutch Delftware by Doreen & George starting with number 1 here - and here soon number 7!




Picture 118

Pictures 119 & 120 - Gerri from the Netherlands asked about these items and gave us permission to show them to you. Gerri says - "these are from my mother Sophia's collection. Originally from Leiden she now lives in Australia. |They are being shipped to her new address in Australia as they remind her of the Netherlands and her family."

Picture 119 - Model number 241 from E.S.K.A.F. (Eerste Steenwijker Kunst-Aardewek Fabriek) OLA. All these floral decors were designed by Wilhelm Hendrik (Willem) van Norden. They did not have decor names. Despite looking through two ESKAF books no match for the painter 'LE' could be found. For explanation on E.S.K.A.F. OLA see here.

Picture 120 - This small item, probably from a smoking set, has the 'Talos' mark, a name used by Plateelfabriek Ivora. Why they used this name is not known - probably a marketing reason. So made by Ivora and dates around the 1930's. No painters mark. Model 59T.



Picture 119




Picture 120


Many thanks to Marge, Gary, Doreen & George and Gerri & Sophia.