Collectors Gallery 22 - Pictures 103 to 107

Picture 103 - Mary and Charlie from Pennsylvania, USA, sent this picture of a PZH wall pocket. Mary says - "We found this at a flea market in Pennsylvania. Your website was a great help in identifying it and I really enjoyed looking at all the other pieces from around the world."

Dated 1927 and painted by Abraham Anker.

It is 23.0cm long and almost 11.0cm wide.



Picture 103

Picture 104 - here a delightful posy bowl or basket from Binke who lives in Gent, Belgium.

Dated at 1931, this PZH bowl, in model 341, has a very unusual decor name of "A.B.B.13".

Wonderful orange and blue colours, painted by Gerada Johanna Lugthart.

Dimensions are 23.0cm tall by 13.0cm wide.



Picture 104

Picture 105 - superb decor on this Amphora factory vase from our friends Doreen & George. They tell us - "This 'Dula' decor vase was found at an Antiques Fair in Staffordshire, England. It was made at the Amphora factory in Oegstgeest. There is no artist's mark but Amphora employed some of the finest painters in Holland. Judging by the quality of this piece maybe it was painted by one of them."

The date is circa 1915.

Stands 28.0cm tall.




Picture 105

Picture 106 - presenting here in a large size to show the detail, is an example of Zuid-Holland Delftware. Very kindly sent in by Jacek who lives in Poland. Jacek says - "This dish was purchased in Poland some 20 years ago by my father in an antique shop in Warsaw (DESA). My father collected a lot of artwork and had some other Dutch porcelain."

Model number is 2965/30. According to Friggo Visser this model number indicates the plate was made during the WW2 years.

Friggo adds - "You don´t see the Royal mark, because that was forbidden during the Nazi occupation."

The number 30 usually indicates the diameter of plates. Jacek tells us - "The diameter from rim to rim is 31.0cm, however, from the blue rim to blue rim it is exactly 30.0cm."

This 'Delft Blauw' (Delft Blue) wallplate (wandbord) is thus dated 1941. It was beautifully painted by Karel van de Heuvel.




Picture 106

Picture 107 - here we see a vase owned by Paul from Holland. He says - " I started as a collector of Dutch polychrome tiles and gradually discovered the cloisonné tiles from Porceleyne Fles, Gouda, Goedewaagen and earthenware from Brouwer. I purchased this vase from the Art Deco fair in The Hague. The shape and hanging flower design attracted me from the beginning. The top of the vase and shape suggests delicately a "candlelight" with "drops". That's the reason that it is now in my own collection in Holland."

This is a delightful floral decor called "Garden" from Plateelbakkerij De Iris. A small plateel factory founded in Gouda in 1925. In 1968 Iris was incorporated into Animo/Montagne. Date is from the 1930's. The painter is unknown.

Is approximately 17.0cm high and 19.0cm at the largest diameter. Model number is 2507.




Picture 107

Thanks to Mary, Binke, Doreen & George, Jacek and Paul.