Collectors Gallery 23 - Pictures 108 to 111

Picture 108 - here an example from the Ed. Antheunis factory kindly sent by Marcus who lives in Holland. Marcus says - "I have had this vase for maybe 10 years now. It was a gift from my late father. I have no idea where he got it from or how long ago. It might have been in the family for a long time, but I am not sure."

This decor 'Papaver' (Poppy) from around 1917/1920, is a fine example of the green lustre glaze, dark background with stylized flowers from the Ed. Antheunis factory in Gouda. It was in 1917 that Antheunis began making this type of plateel which is typical of pieces produced by all the Gouda plateel factories. Many examples can be seen throughout this site. Kunstaardewerkfabriek Ed. Antheunis was formed in 1910 to 1933 by Cornelis Eduard Antheunis (1876-1943). Eduard's father was the famous Roman Catholic sculptor Henricus Franciscus Antheunis. Nearly all E.A. plateel pieces were marked - 'E.A. "Gouda" in Zuid-Holland' - which has meant many of them are wrongly described as being from the Zuid-Holland (PZH) factory.

This example is model number 109 - the 'K.' mark being for an unknown painter.

Dimensions are 18.0cm high and 10.0cm at the widest.


Picture 108

Picture 109 - Pam from South Africa writes - "This Gouda shoe originally came from my Grandma, who was born in Holland."

A Plateelbakkerij Scoonhoven matte decor called 'Margriet' adorns this pretty shoe. Date mid 1920's/1930. Unknown decorator.

Dimensions are 17.0cm long by 10.0cm wide. Height - 6.0cm.






Picture 110 - this very beautiful plate (bord) was sent to us by Wim from Apeldoorn in Holland . Wim asked us to tell him about this plate as he says - "I was recently given this from a cousin and was very interested to learn more about it."

Stunning combination of the blue and yellow on this 'Triborg' decor plate painted by Willem van der Post. Obviously inspired by the 'Rhodian' decor.

Date is 1927 on model number 1165/25. Normally on plates the number after the / represents the diameter. So this should be about 25.0cm, however, they do sometimes vary by a few centimetres.




Picture 110

Picture 111 - this fine PZH vase is the property of Jane from Pennsylvania, USA. Jane tell us - "I purchased this vase at local antique show here in Pennsylvania. I love the painting - it's so peaceful. I'm not a Gouda collector, but I do collect equine ceramics, particularly Beswick and Doulton. So the vase does complement my collection."

Zuid-Holland produced many early decors depicting typical Dutch country and farming life. Called 'Paysage' from the French for 'landscape', they were often depictions of scenes copied from paintings by original Dutch masters. The original Dutch painters name was sometimes on the picture. This particular vase was probably a freely painted one by Woerlee and not from an original artwork.

Date is circa 1910 -1918 painted by Pieter Woerlee on model number 510, some 19.0cm tall.



Picture 111

Our thanks to Marcus, Pam, Wim and Jane.