Collectors Gallery 21 - Pictures 93 to 102

Pictures 93 & 94 - Michael from Switzerland owns these two beautifully decorated vases. He tells us - "Although we deal in pottery, these two pieces are from our private collection. I collect all sorts of pottery from our many markets and junk stores. Sometimes one comes across a real gem. The tulip vase is stunning when filled with spring blossoms. The colors are not quite as brilliant as the second vase. A few chips have been rather inexpertly touched up. Doesn't sit quite flat and rocks slightly. The second vase has more brilliant colours and the piece feels quality. Sadly it has extensive cracking, though it remains in one piece."

The first vase (Picture 93) - is a typical ESKAF Gouda matte bloemdecor. One can see the remains of an oval stamp on the base. This would have had on it the words "ESKAF Huizen-Holland". ESKAF is Eerste Steenwijker Kunst-Aardewerk Fabriek and this was made at the Huizen factory. No pattern name, but designed by W. H. van Norden. Date 1930 to 1934 in model number 288 with a height of 21.0cm.

The second vase (Picture 94) is by Royal Goedewaagen in the decor is "Favorite". One of many Goedewaagen flower decors from the period 1923 to 1929. Again designed by W. H. van Norden who worked for a few factories, hence the similarity with the ESKAF decors. Mould number is 43 and the height 15.0cm.

Picture 93


Picture 94

Pictures 95 to 100 - Fabrice, who lives in Belgium, tells us he is a new collector of Delftware. Fabrice says - "I try to find vases, plates and other pieces of blue delft in a lot of 'secondhand trade' (we say brocante in French). My wife and I like the "Dutch Blue" colour, patterns and decors. I would like to say that your collection is wonderful and thanks for all those explanations available on your site."

Here Fabrice has items from De Porceleyne Fles (Royal Delft), RAM and OUD Delft.

The Fles ginger jar (95) is dated 1951 and painted by C. Dam who worked for Fles from 1950 to 1968.

The jar from Platelbakkerij RAM (96) will be 1935 up to 1945. RAM was founded in about 1920 in Arnhem and closed in 1945.

The OUD Delft items (97 to 100) range in date from the 1940's to 1960's.

Vases: 95 - 21.0cm, 96 - 26.0cm and 97 - 36.0cm high.

Vases: 98 - 20.0cm and 99 - 23.0cm high.

The plate is 17.5cm in diameter.







Pictures 95, 96 & 97








Pictures 98, 99 & 100

Pictures 101 to 102 - Anthony from the UK is a collector of match strikers and matchbox holders. Anthony explains - "I like to find out about the factories that made them and these two from Zuid-Holland I identified from your site."

Superb pictures from Anthony of his two "Ontario" decor pieces. The match holder, on model 846, was painted by Hendrik van Wensveen. Date will most likely be the same as the bowl, 1927. On the remains of the original factory sticker you can see the model number and the beginning of the decor name. The delightful small bowl from 1927, model 887, is possibly decorated by Cornelia Cabout. They are almost certainly two items that were once part of a smoking set with a matching tray and maybe even a small candle holder. Notice the similarity in decor with the "Aonian.Reg" from our collection.






Pictures 101 & 102

Thank you Michael, Fabrice and Anthony.