Bowl - PZH - circa 1910 - 1920

"Aonian Reg"

90.0cm H by 170.0cm D

This is a superbly decorated bowl from PZH. It seems to combine the styles of both Greek and Native American Southwestern patterns. This particular one with the M.3032 mark may be a trial piece.The use of the decor name "Aonian Reg" is unclear. The same name was used on all these decors. Possible thoughts are it means "Everlasting Pattern" or "Current Model" or possibly "of this time". Whatever PZH intended, they produced a quite radical and beautiful geometric decor. Maybe so radical that as with some other early decors, Damascus and Rhodian, they did not carry the PZH mark. Below on the left is the base from another "Aonian Reg" in M 3192. Model M3191/ONTA can be seen also. This was sent in by a collector.

Grateful thanks to our friend Ron Tasman for help in identification and for the base picture on the left below.




Another Aonian Reg mark