Collectors Gallery 2 - Pictures 5 to 10





 Picture 5

 Picture 6


Pictures 5 & 6 (above) - from the collection of Rob Agterburg from the Netherlands.

Both pieces dated 1931 from PZH. Patterns "Ka" and "Gabil". Gabil has a typical art nouveau design. Each piece is 12.5 cm high and quite probably came from the same mould.




 Picture 7

 Picture 8

Pictures 7 & 8 (above) - also from Rob's collection.

Picture 7 - a truly magnificent high glaze, Ivora jardiniere or pied de stal, beautifully painted in a typical Ivora style. Dates from the mid 1920's. Extremely desirable piece. Stands almost 1 metre tall.

Picture 8 - here is a "Chinese" dragon ready for a fight with its awesome claws. PZH wall plate dating from 1931 and which measures 29.0cm in diameter. Very unusual and highly collectable.



 Picture 9

Picture 9 (above) - kindly sent in by Richard & Trude Bonas from Indialantic, Florida, USA.

Richard and Trude have a very large collection of inkwells but this is their first Gouda piece.

It was made by PZH in 1930 - 8.3cm high. The pattern is the beautiful "DJACO". Richard thinks the inner liner is probably not original.


Picture 10 (above) - sent in by avid Gouda fans Henk & Ans Veentjer from the Netherlands.

Henk says - "The spin-off companies of Plazuid (Modica, Flora) did not produce the superb quality "Gouda" stood for. Here is a piece of pottery produced in the early 1950's by the Jumbo pottery, one of the companies that produced very good items in the shadow of Plazuid. The vase is 11.5cm tall and 8.5cm in diameter - the combination of blue/green colours and golden lines in intricate patterns is typically Gouda. I think this type of item will be in increasing demand."


Our thanks to Rob, Richard & Trude and Hans & Henk for permission to reproduce their photos, descriptions and personal thoughts.