Collectors Gallery 3 - Pictures 11 to 14

Picture 11 (below left) - from Susan Johnston - Winnipeg, Canada.

Susan says - "The pot was purchased by my Great Aunt around 1910 at a church rummage sale in Worthing in the south of England and has been gifted to me. It is a treasured family heirloom."

The "Marken" decor from Zuid-Holland dates around 1915/1917. Most probably by the artist Adrianus Lansaat.

About 10.0cm tall by just over 13.0cm in width.







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 Picture 13a

 "Egyptian" base marks

Pictures 12 & 12a (top right) - sent by Doug & Kevan Rasmussen from Portland, Oregon, USA.

Kevan writes - "This 67.3cm tall vase came from my grandmother who bought it from auction, I think around 1950. We have always referred to it in the family as the 'Gouda'. We all think it is beautiful."

Early designs often showed scenes from the Dutch countryside, horses, cattle, farms etc. This vase is an example and probably dates from 1905 - 1910.

Pictures 13 & 13a (above) - from Polly Lucas of New Castle, Delaware, USA.

Polly writes to say - "I acquired this Gouda lamp base at a local garage sale. Unfortunately the lamp holder (cap) was damaged and repaired, though somehow the vase managed to survive unscathed." She goes on to say, "Your site certainly stood out in terms of information and photo references."

Polly is an avid collector of American art pottery such as Teco, Grueby, etc.

An incredible and magnificent example of how Gouda has used an Egyptian influence. In this case the falcon god Horus. Even using the ultramarine blue which was used by the Egyptians on many wall paintings. Dated 1923 and with the original label. Stands some 3.5cm high. The artists signature may well be that of J.C. van Ham.

Picture 14 (below) - sent by Andrew from here in the UK.

This jug came into Andrew's family about 15 years ago. He says - "It came to us after the death of a friend. We do not know when or how she obtained it. Now we know it is a Henri Breetvelt design, it will stop being used for flowers!"

The jug is just over 24.5cm tall by about 10.0cm diameter at the base. Andrew mentions that there are some minor chips to the rim of the base, otherwise it is in very good condition.

A fabulous and highly decorative example of the famous PZH designer Henri Breetvelt. Although he died in 1923, his designs continued for many years after. No wonder - this is beautiful - dated 1924.



 Picture 14

 "Decor Breetvelt" base marks


Many thanks to Susan, Doug & Kevan, Polly and Andrew.