Collectors Gallery 1 - Pictures 1 to 4




 Picture 1

 Picture 2

Pictures 1 & 2 - from the collection of Mark and Tracy her in the UK.

Picture 1 - a beautiful blue background - in decor 'Etoile' (Star). The base mark has a round Liberty & Co. stamp with Made in Holland in the centre. The PZH factory made pots for Liberty of London. The early Liberty orders starting around 1916 had no marks identifying PZH, however, the later orders of around 1921/22 did have the occasional date and painters mark. The painter on this vase is probably Johannes Gerardus Petrus Belt and is circa 1921. 19.0cm high.

Picture 2 - the familiar and lovely "Daisy" pattern on this vase, also 19.0cm high. The mark is Zuid Holland, Gouda and the decorators initial is DJ. Date about 1920. These two vases were probably from the same mould.


 Picture 3

Picture 3 (above) - kindly sent in by collector Martin Ayers from Melbourne, Australia.

This vase, pattern name "Nemo", was made by the Goedewaagen factory around 1930. The designer was probably Piet Wiegman. The vase has a deep, dark green and other vivid colours. It is finished in a high (or glossy) glaze. The Goedewaagen (Goedewaagen Dutch Pipe & Pottery Factories, Inc) factory originally opened as a clay pipe manufacturer (as did many) in c.1779.


 Picture 4

Picture 4 (above) - sent in by Ans & Henk Veentjer from the Netherlands.

In the "Goes" design by PZH dated 1922. Stands about 13.5cm x 7.0cm. See the "Goes" bowl in Gouda Gallery.

Henk says, ".....as an object, is apparently intact, but during the years of its existence it must have been damaged at some spots.......the person who decided to restore the object may have been unable to distinguish the colours and patterns properly.......but it is still an object of beauty."

The vase was purchased in the UK on one of their regular visits.


Thanks to Mark & Tracy, Martin Ayers, Ans & Henk.