Collectors Gallery 14 - Pictures 67 to 70

Picture 67 - Cathleen from the USA shows her Zuid-Holland high glaze amphora.

Cathleen adds - "This belonged to my Grandmother and she used it as an umbrella stand in her home! It was purchased in Holland and brought into the USA as a wedding gift. It has been in our family ever since. The vase stands about 50.0cm high and is very heavy. One can see the seam (mould join) running top to bottom on each side by the handles."

This amphora is a beautiful, fine example of early Zuid-Holland high glaze. The dark, earthy colours of green, brown, purple and blue with another typical background colour known as the "liver" colour (seen clearly on the neck). Here the stylized flower is a pansy, a favourite one of Zuid-Holland. Decorated by Michel Lambertus van der Heijdt, who started work with Zuid-Holland, aged 18 years in 1899, until 1933. Grateful thanks to our friend Friggo Visser who dates this about 1913/1914.




Picture 67

Picture 68 - sent in by Holger who lives near Toronto, Canada. This Zuid-Holland vase is shown primarily for the mark which is of some interest. The pattern is unusual too!

Our very grateful thanks to Ron Tasman for this information and to all his continued expert help.

"The mark is a V over an M inside a pot representing the teaming up of Herman Verlee and Willem Muller. The same duo who devised the Muvelee spray glazes of the early 1930's. Herman Verlee spent most of his time in the laboratory after 1926, but looks to have still found some time for painting. Without a date mark it appears to be from around 1933 - possibly one of their experiments. It almost looks a bit like a transition from the 'Gouda style' to the more free flowing decors that emerged around 1933 - 1934. It's an interesting find!"



Picture 68

Picture 69 - Lesley, from here in the UK, with a lovely Zuid-Holland match holder & striker.

Lesley tell us - "I am actually an egg cup collector and am involved in the Egg Cup Collectors Club of Great Britain. In 1996 I bought for the grand sum of 50p what I have always considered a Gouda egg cup. Even now I know what it was used for, I still keep thinking of it as an egg cup!"



Picture 69

This is a delightful Zuid-Holland match holder with striker on the base.
Pattern name is "Imans" and is dated 1927. It has the mould number of 910.
The painter was Willem Leonardus Boegheim.

The dimensions are 4.6cm high, 4.8cm diameter across the top and 4.1cm across the base.

Picture 70 - Bettina, from New Zealand, presents pictures of these highly patterned Decor Breetvelt vases. With them she has a delightful story - "The vases have been in my possession for over 30 years. We lived with an elderly lady who owned them, who also had two other pieces of Gouda that I can remember. She used to work in a china shop in New Plymouth in her younger days, so I guess this is where they originated from. Oh - if only we could step back in time, wouldn't it be wonderful! When the old lady died they were passed on to my mum who has handed them on to me - I always rather liked them."

"It has been fun to find out about them at long last. I look at them through different eyes now, knowing
a bit of their history. I have placed blue-tac under them now as we have a few earthquakes in this lovely country of ours - would hate them to wobble off the shelf and smash!"




Picture 70

Our old friend Henri Breetvelt again. Marked as "decor.Breetvelt" - meaning a pattern designed by him but continued to be used after his death. Here the painter is Gerrit Pieter van der Akker. This is the joined "CA" you can see. Born in Gouda 1903 and died 1985. Gerrit's workperiod was from 1920 to 1928 and as Henri Breetvelt died in 1923, this must date after then, so from about 1924 to 1928.

The dimensions are 23.5cm high by 12.0cm at the widest.

Many thanks to Cathleen, Holger, Ron, Lesley and Bettina.